How to rock your sex life after 50

There is a very common misconception that people lose their sex drive after a certain age and that is the official end of their sex life. This is high time that you burst this myth and learn how to rock your sex life after 50 like a pro. Remember, age is not the bar to determine the success of sex life and you have the power to dramatically boost it whenever you intend to do so. According to a recent survey conducted on people above the age of 70 years, more than half of men and almost a third of women reported that they were still sexually active.


Several things changes in your body once you reach the age of 45-50 years. Women go through severe hormonal changes as they are either going through menopause or are done with it. On the other hand, men experience a lower level of testosterone and lack of sexual drive. Other factors complementing it are unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical labor, stress and emotional gap between the partners. The condition can get worse if you have a medical record of diseases related to heart, urinal system and reproductive organs.

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1. Get yourself diagnosed- You should be getting a regular health checkup anyway, but after the age of 50, you ought to be more conscious about your health. You should opt for a full body checkup instead of certain tests. You need to be sure about the condition of your heart, hormones, liver, kidney, basically everything.

2. Get Medications- There are drugs designed to treat your sexual inabilities; let it be erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual drive, etc. Many of them are safe, effective and tested to help you get a lot better sexual experience. You can get them very cheap from an online drugstore. Just keep one thing in mind, that your doctor will not include these drugs in your regular vitamins by himself, you have to initiate the talk by introducing your problem to him.

3. Invest efforts in sex- Sex at the younger age does not require many efforts as you both are full of energy and fantasies to fulfill. On the contrary, sex at elder age requires patience and deep understanding of each other likes and dislikes. At this point of time, you both should try to explore more of each other. Believe me, you do not need just banging, you require the care and support of one another. It includes spicing things up by lighting, drinks, food, intimate talks, etc.

4. Consider counseling- If you think things are getting out of your control and you cannot handle them single-handedly, then visit a counselor and them him your situation. He can help you with a number of therapies related to mind and body. Such therapies are called psychosexual therapies and help a lot to deal with sexual issues after 50.

5. Communicate with your partner- When you hit your 50s, you have lived with your partner for decades and know him/her inside out. It results into a feeling of boredom into the relationship because you have nothing to know. This is the time you work on finding stuff to talk about; you can share hobbies like reading, traveling, painting, etc with each other. It will help you connect.

6. Do not lose confidence- You have survived half a century in this world. Hence, you must be aware of the importance of confidence in life. The relativity of sex and confidence is somewhat very similar to that. You need to be confident about your body, shape, the strength of penis, tightness of breasts, and so on. Remember, your partner chose to live with you and love you the way you are; you just need to present yourself positively. Also, you can not satisfy your partner if you yourself do not feel positive about self.

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All of the above points hold the potential to make your sex life smooth and contended after the age of 50. Follow them religiously and have a healthy sexual relationship!