How to take care of your woman after delivery?

Congratulations to the new Mommy! Now that you have been blessed with a beautiful baby, it is time to take care of both- your baby and your woman. The time after delivery is known as postpartum. It is considered as one of the most important phases in a woman’s life. During this time, her body undergoes various changes. Post the delivery, woman needs to go back to her normal lifestyle which gets a bit tough but is possible. This postpartum phase begins effectively after the delivery of the baby and ends when the mother’s body gets back to its pre-pregnant state. In 6-8 weeks after pregnancy, it is important that you need to take a good care of the partner. To rebuild the strength, there are various things that you and your partner must do. A man should take all the care of his wife post delivery. He should stand by her and fulfill all the needs, helping her to rebuild the strengths.

We provide some tips that can help you get better with time after your pregnancy:

  • Make her take rest: It is most important for the mother to take ample rest after her delivery. She becomes exhausted during the whole process due to which she lose half of her strength. So, in first few weeks, she needs to be relieved of all the responsibilities other than the breastfeeding. Let her sleep when baby sleeps. New mothers should not meet friends and relatives in the beginning days. Tell her to do some postpartum exercises and walk with her for few minutes to stay active.
  • Make her eat healthy food: It is quite logical that woman loses most of the healthy nutrients after the delivery. In that case, she needs to recover and heal from childbirth. To promote healthy recovery, all woman need a good diet. Include some healthy food items like vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, proteins in her diet. Even if she gains weight, do not worry, it will help her body to fight and recover from the pregnancy weakness.Try to maintain a balanced diet by having all kinds of food.
  • Hire some helper: With babies, there comes a great responsibility for a woman. She can’t do that immediately after the delivery because of all weakness. In that case, it is necessary to take some help. You can hire a nanny for doing daily household chores. You could save yourself as well as her from the physical exertion.
  • Keep her hydrated: It is essential for new mothers to be hydrated so that they could fully heal and produce an adequate milk supply. Drinking a glass full of ice water every hour can help her keep hydrated.

Other tips for the man to take care of his woman post pregnancy:

  • Spend some quality time with her. Take care of all her basic needs and show your love.
  • Cook her favorite meals. Also, make sure that she is taking all the nutrients in her diet.
  • Send her off for a relaxing massage. You can offer her a massage yourself.
  • Tell her how much you love her and are proud of her.
  • Expressing your feelings could help her feel great and happy.
  • If she wants to cry, let her cry. You can comfort her.
  • If she is worried about home, tell her not to worry whether the home is messy or not.
  • Arrange her a session of manicure or pedicure.
  • Take care of baby yourself for some time. You can change its diapers, or clean him/her.
  • If she is depressed, talk about happy things. Watch her favorite movie with her. Enjoy that phase as much as you can.
  • Dedicate your most of the time to her, so she doesn’t feel alone in this crucial phase.

Take these tips as a starter. There is no limit to pampering your woman. If you think of something else, don’t forget to comment below. Keep loving her and supporting her.