How Tourette disturbs your daily lifestyle?

You might have seen some people acting weird not only in public but privately as well. There are some diseases that are rare and serious. Not everyone can acknowledge them. One of them is Tourette which is a nervous system disorder. It is characterized by the problem in people which causes people to make involuntary sounds and movements. For example, if a person coughs, blink or clear their throat over and over again, then that might be the symptoms of this problem. Some can blurt words out that they don’t even intend to say. These movements or sounds are termed as tics. Some do not need any treatment as the problem is not that worse, while others might have to undergo treatment. Commonly, boys have been found more vulnerable as compared to girls.

What are the known causes?

It has been linked to different parts of the brain. Basal ganglia is one of the areas which are responsible for controlling the movements of the body. If a person is affected by this problem, the interconnection between nerve cells and the chemicals that carry messages between them gets hampered.

Sometimes, people having a family history of Tourette might also develop the disorder but they may have different symptoms.

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What are the symptoms?

The most important symptom is tics which are so mild that many times, they remain unnoticed. Other than that, stress, excitement or tiredness could also be there.

Are there any categories of tics?

Yes, tics are categorized into 2 parts:

  • Motor Tics: In this, a person could have some movement problems like sudden jerking of an arm, blinking, mouth twitching, shrugging shoulders etc.
  • Vocal Tics: Here person might make uncontrolled sounds like clearing throat, yelling, coughing, grunting, shouting, sniffing etc. They are complex.

How can it be diagnosed?

If you or any of your family members have the symptoms of Tourette, it is recommended to go see your neurologist. There are some tests available that can rule out the symptoms like:

  • Imaging Test: To see what is going inside your body, this test is conducted. It sends a form of energy through your system and makes pictures of organs and structure inside the body.
  • CT Scan: It is a powerful kind of X-Ray that travels through your brain and get the detailed images of the inside.

What are the treatments available?

Sometimes, tics are mild and do not require any treatment but other times they become a matter of concern when it starts affecting the normal lifestyle of a person. To find the right dose, all the symptoms are noted down and after that, a proper medication is prescribed.

There are some therapies like:

  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Medication

How to prevent?

You should take all the preventive measures so as to avoid the symptoms like:

  • Stay Active: You can play sports, listen to music and indulge in more physical activities. These activities can take your mind off your Tourette.
  • Relax: Do some exercises and yoga poses to indulge yourself in some calming activities.

With these, you can stay fresh and also improve some signs of this medical condition. You can also buy the medications for treatment from an online pharmacy.

Share it with your friends and family to keep them aware. Comment below if you want to share your story of Tourette. Stay fit Stay Healthy!!!