How we managed to combat Cancer : 2 Short Stories

Story 1: Experiencing the Beauty of Life

This is the story of Sophia Anagnostou. She was a lively and chirpy girl who used to love her life and enjoy it to the fullest. She was always smiling. One day, when she was just 12 yrs old and finishing her 6th standard, she started having breathing problems, headache, cough etc. Her skin was growing pale day by day. When she went to the doctor, her pediatrician first thought it was some kind of infection, but after running all the tests, it was found that she is suffering from leukemia which is one of the types of cancer. Her family was shattered for a moment. They felt that their world has come to an end. Her mother Tara said, “When she came to know about it, she was astonished for a minute and did not know what to do the next moment”. But then she gained her senses and thought about it sensibly. It was hard for Sophia also at first, but then gradually she learned that she could not run away from the problem. It has become a part of her and she needs to face the challenge that life has thrown at her. Her family was standing like a mountain with her and supporting her for all the highs and lows that she was going to experience. She started her treatment. Chemotherapy was the prime treatment recommended by her doctor. Other than that, she had to endure surgeries, blood platelet transfusion, and other treatments as well. Her mother Tara is a single mother and a working lady. She manages her life between all the treatments and her work schedule as well. Sophia has been in treatment for around 2 years now and has one more year to go. Firstly, when she came to know about the problem, she was unable to go to school. She missed her 7th grade, she couldn’t meet her friends. She lost all her hair while undergoing the chemotherapy. She was trapped in her house. She was always depressed. But then, as she started getting better, her determination started building up. Nurses cheered her up, friends started visiting her and her hair started growing. One day, she came to know about a program “Purple Songs Can Fly”. She met its founder Anita Kruse who have been working for the children of Cancer. She told Sophia to write and sing her self-composed song. She wrote a song ”Strength is in the soul”. She talked about hope, strength, love, determination. She is happy now and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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Story 2: It is not the end for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer is the second most common causes of Cancer that has been diagnosed. There are millions of women who have been victimized by this beast, Vicky Davis is one of them. She, being a positive woman, found her life falling into pieces when she found out that she has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer when the results of her yearly regular mammogram test came. 2 lumps in her left breast as well as in lymph nodes were found out when the report of the biopsy came. She was traumatized for a moment. It seemed her life has turned upside down. Other tests have shown that her cancer was of the type HER2-positive. It is considered as one of the most aggressive cancers. When she came to know about the tests, she went to a surgeon. She told about her conditions but they were not taken much seriously due to which she got more disappointed. She decided to go to another surgeon. He immediately suggested her to start her treatment. He started her chemotherapy and other side treatments like Herceptin. She went through mastectomy in which her left breast was removed along with 18 lymph nodes from her left arm. She went through around 25 radiotherapies. She had to face excruciating pain both mentally and physically. To cope up with this trauma, she decided to go to the therapist who recommended her to join the work that she left after being diagnosed with cancer. Though she had been facing all the side-effects like hair loss, skin problems, numbness in her toes etc, she still decided to go to the office. She felt great when she went to her office. Around people, started feeling more cheerful and lively. With friends and family who have supported her, she started fighting with challenges that life has given her. One thing that she was scared of was that how her husband will react after getting to know all about it. But to her surprises, his husband could not be more supportive as he was in her crucial phase of life. Now, she has only 3 more treatments left. She has started working and she feels like herself again. She is now spreading awareness among people about breast cancer. Now she can tackle everything. She has discovered the happiness.