Important Instructions To Follow Before Taking Antibiotics

According to the ICU book,

“The first rule of antibiotics is try not to use them, and the second rule is try not to use too many of them ”

Antibiotics are drugs that are used for the treatment for bacterial infections and it may either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is not prescribed for viruses such as common cold and it can’t cure every illness. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for serious bacterial infections and it is necessary to take it in a correct way. It should be noted that unnecessary antibiotics may do harm more than good. Here are some important instructions everyone should follow before taking antibiotics.

1. Follow your physician’s instructions carefully

It is very important to take antibiotics in a correct way, as along with benefits every antibiotic also has side effects. Always remember to complete your course as prescribed by your doctor even when you feel better as it can affect your healing. If it is left in between then there could be a  possibility that the germs were partially killed and might attack you again.

2. Inform your physician about your other medications

Informing your physician about your medical history or other medication you are already taking is a necessary step before taking any antibiotic. This is because some antibiotics can react with other medicines and can cause serious side effects.

3. Do not practice self medication

This is one of the most important instruction you must follow. Antibiotics contain drugs and it can react in any way. It can also act as a poison, if taken without physician’s advice. It can lead to severe medical complications.

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4. Do not overdose

Do not take any extra dose of your medicine even if you forgot your last dose. Consult your physician if you skipped your last dose but never take an extra dose to cover it. It can be dangerous for you or can lead to complications.

5. Ask your doctor about the time to take the antibiotic

It is important to know the timings of your antibiotics as if you do not take it at a correct time then it may affect how well it works. Some antibiotics need to be taken with or after food whereas some antibiotics need to be taken on an empty stomach.

6. Never repeat an old prescribed course

Repeating your antibiotic course can leave major side effects on you. Every antibiotic treat different bacterial infection and we cannot assume it to be the same bacterial infection.  

7. Read the instructions on the packet carefully

It is recommended that always read the instructions given on the packet carefully as it will tell about all the necessary details of the antibiotic. Also, store your medicine as written on the packet.   

Nearly all of us need to take antibiotic at some point of time, so share it with your family and friends to make them aware. Stay safe, stay healthy!!

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