Are salons safe during coronavirus?

After a long time of staying at home orders, many states have gradually relieved their lockdown restrictions because of Covid-19. This means people can move out in public with masks and while following social distancing.


The primary motive behind the Covid-19 lockdown is to restrict the spreading of coronavirus as it mainly spreads through close contact with infected people(respiratory droplets). Because of this mode of transmission movement of people was strictly prohibited, social distancing came into practice.


Now the business across the country start to reopen even though many people will be facing problems while making important decisions, such as whether or not to venture out.

An infectious disease epidemiologist, Dr Catherine Troisihas a straight answer to such a situation, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to”.


In such a situation, visiting a public place may increase the risk of getting infected by the virus, including hair salons. Official body, such as the American Industrial Hygiene Association(AIHA) has provided detailed guidance for hair and nail salons, such as limiting face to face interaction, wearing of face shield or mask is a must.

For the safety of the costumes and the employees, the saloons and barbershops are taking some preventive measures that are explained further.

Guidance For The Saloons To Protect Against Covid-19


The guidelines issued by the authorities of the states will help the people to get the same service but with a different experience. The authorities have asked the saloons and manicure shops to implement specific measures, such as:-


  • 6-foot distance operating stations
  • No contact thermometer checks of patrons on their entry
  • Contactless payment options before checking out
  • Schedule an appointment in order to avoid the crowd
  • Walk-in people should wait outside
  • Children are not allowed to go along with the customers
  • Additionally, things like remote of any appliance or magazines should be removes from waiting areas
  • Employees should wear masks, and in some cases, they will be asked to cover their face entirely
  • The services will be restricted to hair and eyebrows as no one is allowed to remove the face mask
  • It is recommended that the client and the employee should speak less when they are at a less distance than 6 feet

When some saloons are yet to be open in New York, some hairstylist is [planning to reopen in July. One of them is Clariss Rubenstein in Beverly Hills is so much concern that she has a long list of changes to make. 


Employees working at her place will be tested for the virus before resuming their work and will also be asked to take basic preventive measures such as wearing masks and gloves every time. Clients will have to maintain the distance of 6 feet strictly.


In order to avoid the crowd and accommodate customers, the salon will remain open for seven days a week along with extended business hours. She has also arranged a private room for clients who request extra precautions.

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She says “We’ve got clients of all ages. You never know who has an underlying risk,” adding to it. She also mentioned, “We just want them to feel really safe coming in.”

The Dr Sandra Kesh, an infectious disease specialist and deputy medical director at Westmed Medical Group in Purchase, New York, suggests visiting the salon, especially in an area where Covid-19 cases are still active. Still, in case you wish to visit the salon do take care of every safeguard and visit such places in the safest way possible.


She also suggested to google about ways that can help to reduce the risk of respiratory droplets reaching your eyes. She also added, before visiting the salon, it is essential to know about the safety measures the salon is taking which you wish to visit.


“Before you make your appointment, I would suggest asking the salon what they are doing for infection control measures with social distancing, disinfection, and general flow and volume of people within their space,”

What Are The Things That Increases The Risk?


Due to the casual way of interaction of the employee and client, it becomes difficult for them to maintain physical distance. This increases the risk of getting infected by the virus.

While getting a haircut, manicure or pedicure, it is but obvious that there won’t be a distance of 6 feet. In fact, they will be within a distance of 1 foot from each other. With such a close distance, the risk of getting infected remains.


Well, in the case of women, it takes typically 35 to 45 minutes for the employee to give a haircut. The longer you will remain exposed to a person, the risk of contracting the virus increases.


Staying in a closed placed with other people for a longer duration also increases the risk of getting infected. The risk is much more in being in a small room with a distance of 1-2 feet along with many people as compared to when you pass by someone quickly like you are at the bike path.


A study also suggests that mostly 50% of the people with Covid-19 are not aware of the ways of being infected and may transmit it unknowingly.


The employee of the saloon will get exposed to various people while performing his job; the chance of being infected also increases when a person is exposed to various people. And you might be planning to go a haircut to such a person who is actually exposed to the number of people and that too within 1 to 2 feet.

All In All


  • According to the experts, there is a high risk of getting infected by Covid-19 in hair and nail salons despite safety precautions implemented at those establishments.
  • The primary risk at such places is the closeness between the customers and employees.
  • According to the experts, the employees of the salon are at higher risk of getting infected because of the exposure they will be getting to the number of people who enter the establishment.
  • Experts recommend customers to check about the safety measures that are being taken by the salon before going in.