Know the factors that influence Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a common complication found among men. Often referred to as Impotence, it is the condition in which men are unable to get or keep the erection for a longer period of time.

There are various factors that could cause Erectile dysfunction :

  • Stress : Stress is one of the most important reasons due to which men experience erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, men undergoes a lot of work related pressure or they could have stress regarding their personal, family or health issues. In those cases, they go through erection problems. Erectile Dysfunction is mentally connected to stress and it gets hampered due to over stress.

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  • Eating Problems : Sometimes, irregular eating problems often lead to erectile dysfunction. If the person does not consume sufficient amount of nutrients like magnesium, vitamins, iron , zinc, etc , he will definitely face erection problems. Therefore, it is advisable to them to include all the nutrients in their diet for their healthy erections.
  • Clogged Blood Vessels : Sometimes, blood vessels and arteries get clogged in penis due to high cholesterol due to which the person is unable to get erection. In that case, men are recommended to have some erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Vilitra etc. They help in boosting the blood flow in penis and give positive results.
  • Obesity : Obese men are generally found to have issues of erection. This is because the obese men usually have high cholesterol level which plays a vital role in enhancing the dysfunction problems. Proper erectile dysfunction medications are prescribed in those cases.

These are some of the facts that are the reason why person suffers from Erectile Dysfunction.

This is a grave issue which must be solved so as for men to enjoy a healthy and happy sexual life.


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