Lifestyle Factors Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can affect the sexual life of a man. Mostly these sexual disorders occur in men who are aged 55 or above. But in recent times, studies have found various other factors also responsible for this problem. Often many problems affect mens health. One of the most common problems is erectile dysfunction. 


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disease or disorder in which mens health is affected by the sexual aspect in the following ways: 

  • Is not able to get erections during sexual intercourse,
  • Is not able to maintain his erection for a long 
  • Gets softer erections


Even the libido of a man might get affected with the problem of erectile dysfunction. Problems such as erectile dysfunction can lead to disputes between the couple. Mostly both the partners are needed for solving problems of ED. 


Whom To Visit For This Problem?

If you have started noticing the problem of erectile dysfunction you can just convey the same to your medical professional. If you notice signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as low level of libido, not getting firm or hard erections, or having softer erections then you might be suffering from ED. Some of the doctors you can visit Erectile dysfunction are:

  •  Primary Health Care Taker
  • Psychologist
  • Urologist

 If the cause of erectile dysfunction is due to some mental health disorder then you will have to visit a psychological consultant who will help you with the problem.


Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Cause for erectile dysfunction can vary from person to person. A doctor usually recommends ED pills or any other treatment pathway according to the severity of the problem. Causes can be both psychological and physiological. 

Psychological problems can be depression, mental stress, or anxiety. Most of the psychological problems can be solved with the consultation process with the doctors.

Physiological problems mostly include diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many others. If doctors diagnose your problem, eradication of the problem will also eliminate the chance for erectile dysfunction. 


How To Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Usually, not a huge screening process is required for the erectile dysfunction process. But the doctor might recommend you to go for a diagnosis. Be sure to inform your doctor everything about your past and present medical history. This medical history includes your medications, surgeries, and diseases. Your lifestyle habits can also affect this problem. 


Below are some of the ways on how a diagnosis is done for erectile dysfunction:

  • Physical Examination
  • Psychological examination
  • Blood tests
  • Urine analysis
  • Ultrasound

 These examinations not only help to confirm the problem of erectile dysfunction but also help you track down the cause of erectile dysfunction and eradicate it. 


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What Are Some Of The Treatment Options Available For ED?

There are several treatment options available for people several from Erectile dysfunction. There are both natural as well as medication methods. Medications mostly include ED pills. Click here to read the ultimate guide for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Lifestyle Factors That Are Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction 

Several lifestyle factors could be responsible for the problem of erectile dysfunction in a mans body. Mens health in various aspects could be affected by these factors. Some of the common factors are given below:


  • Smoking: The tobacco in the smoke is often addictive and leads to erectile dysfunction. For many people quitting smoking eradicates the problem of erectile dysfunction and cures it quickly. Smoking not only causes chronic lung diseases but also affects the blood circulation and many functioning of the system of the body hence cause erectile dysfunction. 


  • Obesity: Accumulation of fat in the body is known as obesity. Obesity or being overweight can cause many medical conditions in the body of a man. One of the most common problems that affect sexual mens health is Erectile dysfunction. The accumulation of the fat in the abdomen especially in the penile region causes problems in the muscles and the blood circulation hence causing ED. 


  • Not Being Physically Active: People who dont exercise daily are often at the risk of ED. We dont ask you for intense cardio exercises or any other forms. But a brisk walk for 45 minutes or jogging can help you to relax the muscles of the abdominal area and help in the better circulation of the blood. Exercising daily or doing some physical activity can help a man get an erection. 


  • Diabetes: Mostly happens to the cases of poorly managed diabetes Mellitus. Erectile dysfunction can even be taken as a marker to diabetes mellitus. When the man does not get the right medication and the treatment this problem can worsen and affect the mens health. 


  • Intake Of Too Much Alcohol: The intake of too much alcohol can affect mens healthy on a huge scale. Especially his sexual health. Drinking too much alcohol can lower the amount of libido in the body and can further cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol should be taken in a limit before the commencement of sexual intercourse. 


  • The Illegal Use Of The Drugs: Drugs such as Marijuana and Alcohol can affect sexual stimulation and also the mens health. Erectile dysfunction is one of the problems that can be caused because of the illegal use of drugs. These drugs can affect the central nervous system of a mans body hence causing erectile dysfunction. 


  • Mental Stress Or Anxiety: If a man is suffering from mental tension, stress, or anxiety then there's a good chance he could suffer from erectile dysfunction as well. These mental health disorders can cause erectile dysfunction. In such cases, the man is not able to get an erection or perform sexually.


  • Depression: Clinical depression can affect sexual performance and mens health in various aspects. Depression may pose as a problem and can arise due to various reasons. In some cases, both the partners might have to visit the doctor for a consultation for their problems.

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