Low Male Libido and How you can Increase it

A person’s libido is one’s sex drive. It is the feeling of wanting to have sexual intercourse and the ability to get aroused. If you are unable to get aroused, or you may not feel like having sex at all for a very long time, then you might have a low libido.

A decrease in sex drive can interfere with one’s sexual activity. A low libido in men can cause tension and frustration in a relationship also leading to doubt and guilt. One should be clear that low libido and erectile dysfunction are not the same, however, they can co-exist. A person can have erectile dysfunction and also a low libido, but a person with ED can also have a high libido.

Causes of Low Libido

A low libido can either be caused by one main factor or by many underlying factors. Some of the more common causes of a low libido are low levels of testosterone, certain medications, psychological issues like depression and stress or even a chronic illness. Age too may play a role in a decreased libido.

Even some lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol or drug abuse can have an impact on your libido. smoking , according to a study conducted in 2012, can possibly impair sexual arousal in a male. If you are an alcoholic and have been one for many years, your body begins to redirect enzymes that are needed to synthesize testosterone to the liver in order to recover from the damage caused by all the alcohol. This results in lower levels of testosterone as there are lesser enzymes that needed in the testes to synthesize testosterone.

Obesity too can indirectly cause low libido. Obesity results in an impaired metabolism as well as hormone function. This impaired hormone function results in significantly reduced total and free testosterone. Now considering obesity inhibits the synthesis of testosterone, exercise and a good diet, resulting in weight loss can help increase testosterone levels in your body.

Sometimes there are also hidden causes that men do not wish to reveal that could be the cause of a low libido. Restrictive attitudes towards sex, shame, sadness, concerns about erection could affect you and cause a low libido. Psychologists have said that some men who have low sexual desire are in fact hiding arousal patterns that are atypical like compulsive masturbation to porn, or repressed issues regarding one’s sexual orientation that they do not address. All these things can cause a low libido in males. Psychologists even say that if you squander your normal libido on porn, you will find yourself unable to be aroused when you actually wish to have sexual intercourse with your partner.

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How to Increase Sex Drive and treat the problem of Low Libido

There are many ways to approach this problem. One way is through therapy. Many a times problems in the relationship or problems like sexual abuse, some form or guilt or psychological problems like stress and depression are the underlying problem. In this case, talking about these negative emotions and feelings can help you clear your mind of negativity. If you are facing problems in your relationship because of which you do not feel sexually aroused, couples therapy can be a solution. If you are in a relationship, both partners should be equally involved in the solution and one should not expect the other to simply find a solution on their own. It is helpful when the partner is supportive. It can speed up the recovery from a decreased sex drive.

The other is through drugs meant to improve one’s libido. Your doctor will prescribe you medication. However, if you are already taking medication for other medical conditions, you should make sure that both medications do not create a negative reaction. Drugs like Cenforce and Vidalista are best known to solve this issue.

Some other ways to fix this problem is to improve your relationship with your partner. Sometimes anxiety and tension with respect to your relationship can also cause a hindrance in your libido. Managing this anxiety can improve your relationship as well as your libido. Other factors like a good diet, enough sleep and exercise also play a key role in improving your libido.


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