How can you maintain hygiene at the workplace?

Though it may seem common sense, for many people, workplace hygiene is a problem. There’s not much you can do about how many meetings there are on your calendar, or about the smell of microwaved fish coming through the hallways at work. Keeping up your as well as your workplace’s hygiene is in your hands. It is an important as well as a delicate issue for everyone. Good hygiene at the office goes beyond the employees just washing their hands before returning to work. Hygiene is considered as a standard in which a person’s life is measured. In today’s world, most people end up spending more time at their workplace than their homes. Hence, it would make sense for them to maintain similar personal hygiene at their workplace as they do in their homes. Every workplace needs to be hygienic, not just for the sake of having a good reputation, but also for health and safety of everyone including employees, customers, as well as sheets.

We present some policies that are incredibly important to maintain hygiene at the workplace:

  • Keep Travel Sized products on your desk: Many of us have pitched coffee down a shirt or dripped dressing onto the lap. Welcome to your office day. To help keep any small personal hygiene emergency in check, always keep a small bag of toiletries and other handy odds in your desk. You can need them any moment any time. You can include hairbrush, tissue papers, antiperspirant, needle, thread to mend a lost button etc in your emergency bag.
  • Minimize paperwork: It is regarded as one of the biggest challenges and the main reasons for companies on switching to apps. For accountants, the hassle of paperwork is no stranger. But, today as the world is going paperless, it is also helpful in keeping your workspace cleaner. You can do this by scanning paper documents and make them electronic. You can also use cloud-based accounting software. There are several file management applications available that help users to create and save paperless documents.

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  • Prevent the spread of bacteria in the workplace: Make sure to keep your workspace clean. There are various employees who are oblivious to the fact that their desks are common breeding ground for bacteria and germs. An unhygienic space packed with bacteria simply means that everyone in the office is a potential career of the disease. These bacteria can transfer to the employees and their families.
  • Ensure a ray of sunshine in the office: For better ventilation, you can open a window or two to let the sunshine get in your office and your desk. The vitamin D and oxygen will refresh the mind as well as the body. If your office is air-conditioned, there might be a possibility that it is full of germs, so try to get a little bit of fresh air.
  • Don’t eat at your desk: About 75 percent of office workers admit that they like eating at your desk. Not only, dipping and dripping mustard sauce, studies have found that many even turns their cubicle into a food point. It can increase the germ factor on their desk.
  • If you are exercising at your work, plan ahead: If you regularly exercise during the workday, be sure to plan with a well-packed bag that should contain a fresh set of clothing and socks, hygiene products, sneakers and definitely a towel.

Always keep handwash, sanitizers near your desk. You can also put travel sizes of various necessary items in your work. Don’t forget to trim your nails regularly. It will keep your hands healthy and germ-free. After every restroom visit, wash your hands with soap. Open the door with a towel to prevent your hands getting contaminated from the germs, and dispose of it at your workstation or a nearby trash can. Here is a short tip: Do not wear too much cologne. Though it may smell nice to you, it could irritate other people around you.

These are some of the best ways that you can keep your workspace healthy and germ-free. Share this with your friends and family to create awareness.


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