When we talk of breast cancer, what hits the mind is the number of women afflicted from it. Breaking the conventional myth about breast cancer, here is the thing- men, too, suffer from breast cancer. And why not? Both men and women are born with breast tissues the only difference being, women’s breast tissues are enlarged and with time, develop mammary gland. Men, on the other hand, have small breast tissues that do not grow with time and don’t produce milk. The disease is equally fatal in both men and women, however, men are more likely to die from it because of the lack of awareness and knowledge. Male breast cancer is a topic that not many people talk about and therefore it remains unaddressed until it becomes incurable. This is the reason why putting light on its identity is significant. 

Male breast cancer, like all the other cancers, is the abnormal growth of cells but in the breast tissues of the men. If not cured at the right time, it can spread in the entire body. It is a rate category of cancer and one in thousand men is likely to suffer from the condition. The chances of male breast cancer are directly linked to the gene mutation that an individual has picked. Apart from the genetic mutation, gene disposition is another way how a man can get afflicted with the syndrome. Look out if you have a strong history of cancer in your family.

On the basis of region of the origin, male breast cancer can be of following types-

  • The most common kind is the one that begins in the ductal carcinoma (milk duct) of the breast.
  • Then there is the category that involves the development of cancer in lobular carcinoma that is mammary glands.
  • Men can also develop cancer in the nipples.

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The following factors can lead to a man developing breast cancer-

  • High level of estrogen exposure in the body can lead to the chances of breast cancer development. There are certain drugs consumed to treat the prostate related issues that contribute to the condition.
  • The maximum number of male breast cancer cases have been developed in men aged above 60. Therefore ageing is a process that naturally adds to the chances of the disease.
  • Sometimes, liver diseases like cirrhosis leads to the reduction in male hormone count and increment in the female one leading to increased chances of disease.
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome is one other reason why certain men suffer from breast cancer. It is a condition where a man is born with more than one X chromosomes leading to disorientation. 
  • Obesity also contributes to a high level of estrogen in the body, hence the case.
  • People with inflamed testes or the one who gets their testes removed are also at a high risk of disease. 


  • Fluid discharge from the nipples
  • Abnormal changes like redenning around the nipples, change in their structure or inwards-turned nipple.
  • Creation of a lump in the breast or unusual thickening. 

Like many other diseases, breast cancer in males is also the medical condition that can be best healed if detected early. Therefore, there is no better weapon then proper knowledge and awareness of the disease. 

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