Manscaping- All Your Questions Are Answered Here

Let us begin with saying that manscaping and emasculating are nowhere related. But wait! Did we tell you what actually manscaping is? For the ones who are oblivious to the term-Manscaping is the removal of male body hair. The term generally refers to cosmetic purposes but it is equally responsible for good hygiene. Removing body hair and maintaining smooth skin is predominantly viewed as the chore of women but many men, too, prefer to trim the hair off their body. While talking about cosmetic impetus, manscaping is the downright matter of preference but when it comes to hygiene, manscaping becomes necessary. For those of you who think that removing hair down there is not significant to better and healthier sex life, breaking the ice by telling that ‘IT SURELY IS’ would be the wisest thing to quote to you right now. Studies say that 93% of women prefer partners who are clean shaved down there and why not? Who would like to divert the entire pleasure of lovemaking into the cautious job of not letting the hair get stuck in the cervices of teeth?! (we didn’t mean to gross you out though).

Manscaping is much more than staying hair-free down there and promising better intimacy to your partner. It is about the overall cleanliness that you offer to your own body as trimming body hair prevents body odour and even prevent the rays of the sun from being observed by the body. Yes, the common myth says that more the hair on the body, lesser the UV rays reach the surface of the skin. But the truth is, hair act as an observer of the rays thus providing a surface for the UV radiations to land on the skin. 

Other than the myth of emasculation, another factor that influences the choice of manscaping is the safety concern. Most of the times, the skin becomes the victim of endless irritation when you shave for the first time. But as you make it a habit to shave the genitals regularly, the skin becomes habitual thus making it a hassle free chore. For those of you indulged in some kind of sports activity, take the inspiration from one of those athletes with the clean shaved body because trimming off your hair can prove to be really advantageous in terms of sports as hair increases the chances of inflamed injuries. 

Now that your basic queries about the subject have been answered, let dive into the guidelines of manscaping from head to toe. 

Your Brows  

When a man gets that hair on the frons done, the grooming screams too loud. Some dont even like the perfect, curvaceous cut that our brows after the process but it just does not mean that keeping the brows in a shape is not required. Your brows keep the sweat and dirt from the forehead and hair from reaching your eyes which is a really essential function. Thus, the idea is not to turn the brows into a thin thread structure but to bring it into an aligned shape so that it doesn’t look as if you have just been evacuated from the stone age. 

Take a small brush and comb your eye brows in the upward direction simultaneously pulling the skin under your brows downward. Once the extra lengthy hair in the structure comes into sight, cut them into equal length as that of others with the help of small scissors. You can also use tweezers to pluck off the extra hair between your eyebrows and forehead. 


What’s Hiding In Your Tunnel? Ya, Nose!

Don’t even think of chopping all the grass from your cave. Hair inside the nose plays a significant role in protecting the respiratory tract from dust and other foreign particles entering inside. Therefore, the hair inside the nose should only be trimmed to the extent that their visibility vanished from the third person’s view. Now, if you are thinking of plucking hair off your nose, think again because this will lead to bleeding and, therefore, infections. Trim your help with the help of small, pointed scissors that won’t cause any sort of injury and will also prevent you from exhibiting a detestable view (apologies for straight audacity).

And The One You Often Forget- Ear

You might have totally abandoned the thought of the wild hair growing around your ear but guess what, others don’t once they see it on you. Growth of hair in the region surrounding ears is downright unpleasant to eyes. There is no doubt about the choice whether you clean the furry canal or not but the question is, how you choose to do it. 

If you make trimming your pick, go for the trimmer that is specialised for removing the hair inside ear. However, be careful with the equipment and don’t go too internal since there is a damage of wounding the eardrum. 

One complication of trimming the hair is that you have to do it more often since trimmer does not remove hair from the root but the surface. That’s where plucking comes to rescue. Plucking take of the hair growth right from the surface thus enabling slow growth of hair.

The Chest

Hair on your chest plays a pivotal role in regulating body temperature but please note that it is also responsible for a shitload of body odour due to deposited sweat. While we don’t expect you to trim off all your chest’s hair in a go but trimming them considerably is good for you. The best way of removing body hair is by trimming them. Make sure you take your hair growth pattern into consideration and adjust your trimmer accordingly. 

Back- Do We Need To Tell You What To Do?

There is just one answer to all the thoughts about removing the hair from your back- Purge It Off! Who ever appreciated hair on back of someone? Even if you have a super lovelorn partner who would prefer to be taciturn about your body, just know that she is screaming inside for you to get rid of that hair at the back. Chances are, your lovemaking must be characterised by certain sequences of your partner pulling your hair at the back because, OUTRAGE! (did you think passion?). 

Having said enough, its time for you to go grab a trimmer that suits your requirement and get rid of hair at your back that does nothing except making you look like slow on evolution. If you think that trimming leads to a quick growth of hair back again, go for a hair removal cream or wax. If you don’t have someone who is ready to lend you a hand in your struggle, go for a professional manscaper. 

Bushy Armpits Ain’t No Good

The hair on your underarms are often not seen as an issue that needs to be fixed and if you fall into the same category, stop moaning about bad odour. Fuzzy armpits can lead to serious bad odour, not to mention, the wet patches that turn into the shade of yellow, on your shirt. 

While shaving off the underarms completely is not necessay, it is important to trim the extra growth which can be done by a trimmer that suits your requirement. 

Arms And Legs, This Depends On Your Preference

There are no complications of carrying bristiling arms and legs unless you like to keep it all smooth and glowing. 

In case you do, go for a trimmer or shave it off. You can also get them waxed, its absolutely the matter of choice. 

AND… Yes, The Genitalia

So, this one is important. If you go on finding the studies that say trimming the hair down there is necessary, you may not find a lot of stuff but it is still important and you know why *wink wink*.

There are several body grooming range that are specifically designed to trim your pubic region. They are adaptable to the curves of the region thus reducing the chances of any cuts or injuries in the region. 

However, if its about getting rid of the hair on your balls, DON’T USE TRIMMER. Just DON’T, unless you want to live with an irreversible regret for the rest of your life. Instead, use a clean and smooth razor with a lot of shaving cream and make sure to take things slowly and carefully.

Also, don’t forget to trim the hair off your shaft since removing the hair at the beginning area of your penis, makes it look bigger. 

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