Menstrual Period And Sex –Doubts Answered!


Period or Menstrual flow happens once in a month or within a cycle of 28 days during. Unless it causes uneasiness and agony, there's no reason to abstain from having intercourse during this time. Both the partners are safe. 


Having intercourse during periods is completely protected, however, it may get messy normally. It’s still best to stay prepared. Letting your partner know of the situation and staying clear will protect you from playing off guard. Make sure they understand.




In case you utilize tampons, take them out and lay a towel on the bed in the place you decide to have intercourse. During the motion of the act, a little blood is expected to come out, and this tip may save your bed sheet. 


Once the sex is over, you can get a shower together and spend happy moments there. Protection is still a paramount item to have sex, use a condom for optimum protection. You're inclined to STDs, and the chances of getting pregnant are still on the rundown of possibilities.




Possible Advantages Of Having Sex During Periods




Having intercourse on your periods incorporates a couple of advantages, including:


  • Say Bye To cramps- Cramps during menstruation is agonizing for a majority of women. Taking a painkiller or paracetamol relieves the pain anyway. However, something better to relieve the pain would be an orgasm. Upon orgasm, the uterine muscles contract. Relaxation follows. This relieves the pain from cramps.
  • Lubrication-  When you have sex during your period, blood comes about as a characteristic lubricator. This is one of the best advantages of having sex while on periods as many people don't experience much lubrication while having sex. When you have your period, that is extra liquid in your genital organs to get things smoother.
  • Shorter periods- Engaging in sexual relations will abbreviate your period. The contraction of the uterine walls all through a sexual peak will accelerate the shedding measure of your vaginal lining.
  • Extra satisfying sex- For a few young women, engaging in sexual relations all through periods is extra satisfying than having intercourse at elective occasions of the month. This can be a result of your desired changes that occur all through your cycle, as an aftereffect of blood discharges.
  • Good-Bye Head Pains- As per a recent report on headaches, engaging in sexual relations on periods has shown to curtail migraine and cerebral pain for a couple of young women.







Side Effects – Are There Any?




The greatest disadvantage of engaging in sexual relations all through your periods is to deal with the mess. Blood may get smeared on you, your partner, and furthermore on the sheets if you have a heavy flow especially. Injury from intercourse could make you feel hesitant. Tension over making a mess may take the majority of the enjoyment out of sex.




Another stress while having intercourse all through your periods is the danger of spreading a sexually transmitted contamination (STI) like HIV or liver sickness. These infections stay in bed and they may spread from the sheets having the leftover blood. Wearing condoms while you have sex will decrease your danger of spreading or getting an STD.




On the off chance that you propose to have sex all through your periods, make sure to remove the tampon before sex in case you are using one. An overlooked tampon will get pushed up into your vaginal end that you'll need to see a specialist to have it removed.




Things To Consider




Engaging in sexual relations all through menstrual flow may be chaotic. There are a few activities you can undertake in case of worries:


  • Utilizing towels on sheets or elective surfaces
  • Having intercourse during shower
  • The best position to try out maybe the missionary position
  • Utilizing a prophylactic – A Condom. Where a condom is not something you may choose, a menstrual cup may be a savior. Reusable cups are thicker than disposable ones and may not be worn all through penetrative sexual intercourse.




Tips On Having Intercourse All Through Your Periods




Here are numerous tips to engage in period sex an all the more wealthy which can be a pleasurable and less messy experience:


  • Be transparent with your accomplice. Let him know if you're concerned while engaging in sexual relations during your periods.
  • On the off chance that you have a tampon in, remove it before you start having sex.
  • Keep a wet piece of cloth or moist disposable clothes by the bed to clean up later on.
  • If the usual sexual position that you try out is uncomfortable during this time of the month. Try a different position, like the missionary position.




Protection – Do You Need It?




Using protection will defend you against STDs. It is not necessary to catch one throughout your periods but why should you risk it? You'll be at risk of transmitting one to your accomplice because of infections like HIV rest in menstrual blood. Have your partner wear a condom whenever you have sex to curtail your chances of getting pregnant or an STD.

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