How Your Morning Routine Affect The Health?

Maintaining routine is considered to be an important part to live a successful life. Morning rituals can make the day more effective the right way, and over time, it will catapult a person to greater success in life. 

Our morning habits has a key role to play in maintaining the health. Healthy morning habits enhance the health of an individual and on the other hand, unhealthy morning habits could be the reason behind the development of some health problems. 

Many people face trouble in becoming a morning person but bringing changes in the lifestyle can help in adding a healthy morning routine in your daily routine. People knowingly or unknowingly engage themselves with some habits that can affect their health and here are three mistakes that could highly contribute to many health problems. 

1. Not doing any workout 

In this modern era, chronic diseases is a major cause of the increased number of deaths each year and it is believed that the lack of physical activity is the primary cause of the occurrence of chronic disease. Lack of exercise is one of the major causes of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, non-alcoholic liver disease, cognitive dysfunction, problems with reproductive system, and bone disorders.  Multiple studies have shown that people who do not do any regular physical activity are at high risk of developing chronic diseases and dying from it. 

Physical activity has a huge ability to enhance the overall well being. Regular physical activity can help in reducing stress and anxiety and also prevents the occurrence of mental disorders. Whereas, lack of physical activity can affect the psychological health and cause mental health problems. 

Many investigations have been conducted to know the role of regular exercise on the health. Many people reported that they felt more content, awake and experienced increased alertness when they are physically active as compared to the periods of physical inactiveness. 

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2. Skipping breakfast 

Many people fail to understand that skipping breakfast can be their biggest mistake. Since childhood we have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a reason behind this saying. Breakfast plays an important role to ensure the health of an individual.  Skipping breakfast is nothing but a way to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why skipping breakfast can make you live unhealthily. 

  • It has been observed by many researchers that people who habitually skip breakfast have high body mass index as compared to those people who consume their breakfast daily. Therefore, it causes weight gain or obesity. 
  • Breakfast allows the body to get all the required nutrients which makes it possible for the body to function normally. When people do not consume breakfast, the ability of the body to function normally is impaired, resulting in various problems including diabetes. This can impair the ability of the body to use insulin effectively. 
  • Both high body mass index and high glucose levels are the serious risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, skipping breakfast can increase the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.  

3. Not waking up early in the morning 

All of us love to push snooze button as we hate waking up early in the morning. But it is essential to understand that having a habit of waking up early in the morning is one step towards the healthy life. On the other hand, sleeping for long hours on a daily basis is associated with the high risk of developing health problems. Many of us fail to understand how sleeping till late can affect the health but there is a correlation. 

  • Some researchers have found out that waking up early in the morning is associated with increased feelings of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and it improves the overall productivity level of a person. On the other hand, sleeping till late hours can reverse the condition. It can decrease the overall productivity level. 
  • Breathing in the fresh air is important to enhance positivity in life which is important for overall well being. Waking up early with good 7 to 9 hours of sleep encourages the brain to become optimistic. This improves positivity in life and helps to eliminate negativity. 

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