Natural Childbirth - 6 Benefits Over Caesarian

Childbirth takes place in two ways - women have a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by a cesarean process or c-section. However, the ultimate goal is to deliver the baby safe and healthy. Women often opt for the c-section procedure for medical reasons. Cases where the:

  • vaginal birth of a baby is risky hence expecting women are informed well in advance about a medical procedure that will be undertaken to deliver their baby. 
  • In a c-section, the woman is prepared for it just after the second trimester and medical conditions such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes are well taken care of.

A c-section can be scheduled ahead of time:

  • In case the mother has an infection that she could pass along her baby during birth, such as HIV, and genital herpes.
  • If she is experiencing initial problems during the pregnancy. 
  • Babies who are overweight for example, weigh more than 7 pounds.

While the delivery may take place, vaginal birth is not opted because it may then affect the health of the mother, with great difficulties and delivery can sometimes also result to be fatal. A c-section is also done in cases where the child is stuck during vaginal delivery or the life of both of them is in jeopardy. 

This may occur because of complications during pregnancy after a woman has gone into labor or where the baby is seen to be deprived of oxygen leading to respiratory distress.

Vaginal Birth And Its Benefits

These days pregnant women are opting for the epidural during labor and over 30% of women give birth by c-section. The natural birth process is a medicated way causing a lot of pain during birth and these days doctors advise taking an epidural. However, the hidden benefits of natural childbirth cannot be ignored considering the birthing experience.

Facilitation Of Breastfeeding Becomes Easy

Children born by the natural procedure of childbirth have a heightened interest in breastfeeding and are more alert and sensitive to the surrounding environment. The epidural medication given to women during natural childbirth affect breastfeeding and impact negatively. An epidural medication is given to a woman to help with the contractions and so that the baby is passed easily.

Recovery Time Is Faster In Natural Childbirth

Women who have experienced childbirth naturally feel normal just after few hours of the delivery. This is because no anesthetic drugs are used or no needles are stuck in their bodies and that the body does not require any recovery time other than the stress that has been impacting the mother during the delivery. 

An enormous amount of endorphins are released during labor that acts as a pain-reliever.  Women who experience natural childbirth have more endorphins than the ones who experience pain medication.

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Help The Baby To Breathe

When the baby is in labor it is capable of producing a hormone called catecholamine. This is the fight or flight hormone for the baby and is produced in response to a threatening situation of getting through a tiny hole of the mother's body. The hormone is also responsible for adrenal and respiratory adaptations when the baby is born. This takes place by an increased rate of amniotic fluid absorption into the lungs of the baby, which increases surfactant production. 

Surfactant helps the newborn baby to keep the lungs inflated after birth when the baby is passing through the uterus and the vaginal hole. The uterus contracts and squeezes the chest of the baby. This expels the fluid in his lungs and clears them for that once the child is in contact with the environment and the air, the baby is able to breathe. Babies who are born with c sections have a higher chance of respiratory distress.

Strong Immune System In The Child

A newborn child has an immature immune system and not capable enough to protect them from diseases and germs floating in the air. During pregnancy, the baby is capable of imbibing antibodies from the mother, which are transferred during labor. These antibodies are a result of the white blood cells and increases the content of catecholamines in the baby. 

White blood cells and catecholamines act together to help and support the baby’s immune system after birth and protect the baby from infections. When a child is breastfeeding, a lot of white blood cells flow in breast milk. 

Just one drop of breast milk contains 1 million white blood cells capable enough to protect the child from any diseases. Babies born with the c-section delivery experience DNA alterations to the white blood cells, therefore, making the immune responses weak in the future.  

Profound Mother And Child Bonding

Hormones released during labor have an important effect after birth. When a woman is experiencing natural childbirth, the child born has a wider sense of adaptation and is wide-eyed when seeing the mother for the first time. A child is first made to contact the skin of the mother's body, which helps in priming both the mother and the baby and bonding for a successful breastfeeding relationship. 

It will help the baby to realize the mother’s voice and give it your face instantly. The baby will be capable of imprinting the smell and the touch of the skin when breastfeeding for the first time. Children who are exposed to drugs during labor are often drowsy and take long to adapt to the breastfeeding situation.

The Takeaway

Giving birth to a child is not an easy thing and any medical assistance that you may require is completely understandable. Feelings of confidence and empowerment rush to the blood when you know it's time for you to deliver your child. 

To be able to conquer the harsh demands of labor, causes a woman to feel strong, less beautiful and face the challenges in life. This makes natural childbirth more empowering and the working experience and unforgettable one.

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