Oral Changes During Pregnancy – Your Safety Comes First!

Pregnancy brings a few physical changes and we tend to neglect any such changes that take place in the mouth. One less referenced symptom of maternity is oral ulcers almost welt-like spots known as cankers or canker sores. 

These appear on the tongue, lips or inward side of the cheeks and may cause agony and irritation. To help you see why this might occur and what you should do, read through the information stated below. 

Blister In Pregnancy: Why Does It Happen?

Several things occur in the body that put you at a risk to develop blister/mouth ulcers all through pregnancy. Some of them are:

1. Hormonal changes: Pregnancy induces changes in the production of hormones which may affect the way the body reacts to infectious agents and toxins and even the blood that is supplied to the gum tissues. As a result, women often face issues related to oral infections that include bumps and blisters.

2. Nutrient insufficiency: There is a great number of vitamins and minerals which if not taken in proper quantities during the gestation period, result in a blister. Foods such as chocolate, wheat, and citrus products also cause sores. During maternity, the potential dietary reason like nutrient insufficiency is a primary cause.

The body of a woman during pregnancy goes through a lot of changes, missing out on one is quite obvious. Vitamin B-12, Zinc and Folic Acid are some of the nutrients that will make sure no such agonizing issues develop.

3. Stress: Pregnancy is a harrowing time. Whilst coping with several bodily changes, the mental preparation of taking up the responsibility of a child can result in stress. The thought of compromising your normal responsibilities and preparing for something that will change all future endeavors may make the body react to such pressures. This may result in blisters.

4. Low Immunity: Some people believe that low immunity of the woman bearing a child may cause mouth ulcers. This does not stand to be true. Low immunity is a by-product of pregnancy, due to the presence of two lives in one body. 

A viral infection can cause oral disturbances in pregnancy.

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A Deeper Issue

It's important to consult a doctor and keep him informed about the abnormalities that are faced during pregnancy. 

Here’s the reason why!

  • Generally, a blister does not last more than a week or two. Any such sore that persists more than this duration should be treated with special care, keeping in mind that a few antibiotics may produce side effects to the baby.
  • Canker wounds are agonizing. Dangerous mouth ulceration probably won't be agonizing from the start, but it will be delicate and won't mend even if numerous weeks pass by without treatment.
  • An open ulcer secreting puss and blood is even more dangerous than a normal bump during pregnancy.

Kinds of Mouth Ulcers

Minor Ulcers- This sort is basic all through pregnancy. Minor mouth ulcers ordinarily measure 2-9 mm. They may develop at the base of the mouth, and on the gums or tongue. For pregnant women, mouth and gum ulcers may take as long as ten days to recuperate, while tongue ulcers may take as long as twelve days. More often than not, they get cured without any treatment.


Major Ulcers- Real mouth ulcers are unusual in pregnant women. They measure nearly 8-10 mm and may take numerous weeks or months to recuperate. They may appear on the outside of the tongue, gums, base of the mouth and even inside the throat. These ulcers will leave scars and be extremely painful. These ulcers can be managed with increased water intake as a low hydrating body produces such bumps.

Herpetiform Ulcers- These ulcers are bumps of viruses than a normal sore. Measuring about a millimeter to two, these ulcer spots develop as clusters and in numerous places inside the mouth. The normal healing time may be up to a month, however, with proper medication, these may get cured within 20-22 days.  


Home Remedies For Tongue Sores During Pregnancy


  • Medications- For pain related to the tongue, drugs like Nuprin or Naprosyn may help.
  • Ice- It can be used to relieve pain. In case ice causes sensitivity to the tooth, cold water can also be used.

In any case, such home cures offer a temporary space to battle the agony. Hence, do counsel your primary care physician in case the manifestations of a tongue sore do not recuperate within time.

The Takeaway

Dental cleanliness and a fair eating regimen can encourage in supporting and improving the immunological framework. Managing stress is an important factor as well. Prenatal Yoga and medication with low music may help reduce stress levels. 

Never surpass doses of endorsed meds or prescribed sedates. Mouth ulcers aren't extremely bothersome manifestations that affect pregnancy. With the right treatment, an ulcer-free mouth is possible.


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