Pregnancy and Baby Care

  1. Dry Cough During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

    Dry Cough During Pregnancy

    A dry cough is a non-productive type of cough that doesn’t bring up mucus or phlegm. Dry coughs are often temporary and rarely a cause for concern. Dry coughs are difficult to manage and may present for a more extended period of time. Such dry coughs are usually caused by upper respiratory infections, such as colds or flu. This article will cover the possible causes of dry cough and ways to get relief from it during pregnancy.

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  2. This Gestational Diabetes Diet Can Make Your Pregnancy Thrive

    Gestational Diabetes diet for pregnancy

    Do you have gestational diabetes? Are you looking for the best gestational diabetes diet for a healthy pregnancy? If yes, reading this article towards the end would be highly beneficial for you.

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  3. Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Be Sure?

    pregnancy symptoms

    Are you asking yourself if you could be pregnant? Taking a pregnancy test is the only way to know for sure. But there are early pregnancy signs that could lead to the possibility. Here's what to look for.

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  4. Ultimate Guide To Your Maternity Leave To-Do List

    maternity leaves to do list

    What exactly is maternity leave what should be your to-do list? We have answered all your questions regarding taking time off work after giving birth, including the number of weeks you're entitled to, how much you can ask for, and more. There are some companies that may not offer any maternity or paternal leave, and even if they do, you may not be eligible for it. Here is everything you need to know to protect and understand your maternity and paternal leave rights.

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  5. Abortion Guide- Know The Types, Recovery and Cost

    abortion guide

    Abortion is legal in the United States and other countries during the first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester refers to the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Only a few states allow abortions upto the 24th week of pregnancy, while others disallow it after 20 weeks. In extreme cases, an abortion can be performed even in the third trimester - only if either the life of the baby or the mother is in danger. 

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  6. The Right Diet For The Pregnant Moms

    What is the ideal diet for pregnant women

    A healthy pregnancy can be simply defined as a healthy mother which involves proper growth and development of the foetus, healthy weight, nutritious foods, balanced weight, regular exercise, adequate rest, and emotional well-being. It also includes maintaining normal blood pressure, sugar level, and a complete ‘No’ to habits, such as drugs, alcohol, and smoking. There are many factors that affect pregnancy and early diagnosis and parental care increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

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  7. Start Your Antepartum Consideration In The Blink Of An Eye

    Get all the information about antepartum consideration here.

    Antenatal consideration is the health care information you get from doctors all through your pregnancy. It's commonly known as maternity care. You'll be offered meetings with maternity specialists, or by a specialist in an organization having practical experience in maternity and birth (an obstetrician). Start your antepartum consideration as soon as possible, once you know you're pregnant. The world health organization has issued a substitution arrangement of proposals to downsize the threat of stillbirths and maternity complexities and bring a positive pregnancy ability. 

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  8. 7 Unknown Benefits Of Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy

    7 Unknown Benefits Of Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy

    As you see from the topic, here we will discuss the aromatic and flavourful herb - fennel seeds. These seeds are famous for both its culinary and medicinal properties. They are primarily used as mouth fresheners and served after a meal. You might wonder if it acts well for pregnant women and if she can have it during pregnancy. Well, these emotions are quite true and once you conceive, it becomes imperative for you to think about everything you do and consult your doctor. It may topple your mind to even drink liter water more than you are prescribed. Foods that were once great options to satiate your stomach, may no longer be that safe, because of the little one growing inside you.

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  9. How Can You Optimize Your Breast Milk?

    How Can You Optimize Your Breast Milk?

    It is important for a woman to learn what foods increase the nutrients in their milk, which ensures a proper diet for the baby not only while breastfeeding but also in the gestation period. If you are tired of eating like an expectant hawk, you will be happy to know that a breastfeeding diet is in many ways similar to the pregnancy diet which is packed with a huge variety of food and better eating habits. 

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  10. Preterm Labor And Betnesol Injection- Do They Relate?

    Preterm Labor And Betnesol Injection- Do They Relate?

    Pregnant women are always at risk of preterm labor. Preterm labor usually leads to problems of the heart, lungs, and brain in a newborn. Drugs available these days can help reduce the chances of preterm labor and doctors are considering them to a large extent. One such drug is the betnesol injection, given to a new mother and expecting mother.

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