Preterm Labor And Betnesol Injection- Do They Relate?

Pregnant women are always at risk of preterm labor. Preterm labor usually leads to problems of the heart, lungs, and brain in a newborn. Drugs available these days can help reduce the chances of preterm labor and doctors are considering them to a large extent. 

One such drug is the betnesol injection, given to a new mother and expecting mother.

  • While prescribing the betnesol injection, it should always be checked if the benefits of having betnesol actually outweigh the risk.
  • Also do not take betnesol injection on your own without the consent of your doctor, as being a chemical compound, and as an intravenous drug, these are also known to cause certain risks. 


Betnesol Injection And Pregnancy

Commonly known as the corticosteroid used for treating hormonal imbalance in a pregnant woman, betnesol or betamethasone sodium phosphate injection has anti-inflammatory conditions, known to treat autoimmune diseases. 

A pregnant woman is advised to take plenty of folate and corticosteroids during pregnancy. Insufficiency of corticosteroids causes a significant impact on the mother as well as the child. Corticosteroids perform functions in:

  • Balancing the water content of the body
  • Proper functioning of the heart
  • Regulating salt
  • Also managing stress levels

In some women, the emergency drugs prescribed, include betnesol injection to control quick symptoms of pregnancy.

  • An intravenous drug is not given every time a woman faces any complication. 
  • Betnesol injection is given usually when no alternative remains for the treatments of prenatal complications. 
  • The risks of betnesol injection are more than the health benefits and as such a small amount or a measured amount is pushed into the woman's body.
  • It can pose a risk to the baby and sometimes crosses the placenta to affect the unborn child.
  • Unless recommended by the doctor, it is best to avoid it in any form. It can be used as an injection or oral pills.
  • A gynecologist will be able to determine your requirement of betnesol corticosteroid in the body.

Uses Of Betnesol As An Intravenous Drug During Pregnancy

Preterm labor is the most common complication a pregnant woman can face. In this situation the child is usually delivered between the 32nd  and the 35th  week of pregnancy, resulting in incomplete development of the lungs. As such premature babies are born with lung defects or asthmatic problems.

When a doctor detects preterm labor in any pregnant woman, betnesol injection is prescribed so that the baby's lungs inflate easily without sticking to each other. The betnesol injection is usually pushed into the woman's blood a minimum of 24 hours before the preterm labor. 

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Fetal Fibronectin Test

The primary protein responsible for keeping the amniotic sac sticking to the uterus lining is the fetal fibronectin. The amniotic sac is responsible for pushing the baby in the uterus. 

There are chances that the fetal fibronectin may be released near the cervix when the uterus is disrupted. This leads to an obstruction in the growth of the baby and also causes miscarriage for preterm labor in some women.

When a woman is in her 22nd and 34th week of pregnancy a doctor may suggest conducting the fetal fibronectin test to check the secretions and presence of fibronectin near the uterus. 

If the fetal fibronectin test turns out to be positive, there is a high chance of preterm labor. This test is usually done before injecting the betnesol drug, and maybe most likely given if the woman is expecting multiple babies. 

The betnesol drug is used as an antenatal corticosteroid therapy. Apart from preterm labor, other cases which include injection of betnesol drug include, cases of elective cesarean when it is done before 39 weeks of pregnancy. 

This is because premature delivery causes the lungs of the baby to stick to each other, thereby causing respiratory distress. Betnesol injection relieves the baby of any respiratory illness along with necrotizing colitis, and intraventricular hemorrhage. 

Other Common Uses Of Betnesol Injection

Not only in the case of a newborn baby, but the betnesol injection is also administered in a variety of health issues these include the following:


  • Asthma attacks resulting in respiratory distress also known as the status asthmaticus.
  • People who suffer from acute adrenal insufficiency, where the adrenal glands are not capable enough to produce natural steroid hormones due to the presence of stress and Addison’s disease.
  • A life-threatening drop in the blood pressure of a person leading to immense depravity of oxygen to vital organs, primarily because of a surgery, severe infection or injury is also treated with the help of betnesol injection
  • A condition called tennis elbow tenosynovitis or bursitis that causes information of the local area is also treated with betnesol injection
  • The active ingredient functioning in the betnesol injection is the betamethasone sodium phosphate. 
  • Being a natural derivative of the corticosteroid hormone, namely the aldosterone, and the cortisol, betnesol injection acts as a corticosteroid medicine and helps the adrenal glands to perform better. 
  • Often referred to as steroids, but also different from advanced ones, the betnesol injection is also referred to as the anabolic steroid because of its usage by athletes and bodybuilders. 
  • The presence of corticosteroid in the human body is vital for every organ to function. In addition to that, it affects the strength of heart muscle, and also the response of heart towards chemicals affecting the heart rate. 
  • The water, salt and potassium balance in the body is highly maintained by the corticosteroids which enable the body to cope with stress. 
  • Stress-induced changes in anxiety, pain, the temperature can be hazardous if the body experiences low levels of corticosteroids over a long period of time.


When a corticosteroid is taken externally they respond to stress by increasing the heart rate and supply of blood to the essential tissues such as the brain tissues, muscle tissues, and heart tissues. This increases the overall energy of the body thereby raising the blood sugar that affects several other systems that slow down. 


Final Thoughts

Once the medical history of a pregnant woman is taken into consideration, the dosage of betnesol injection is determined accordingly. Any complications or adverse impact on the baby, if foreseen, can result in injecting the betnesol injection. It is always best to discuss the pros and cons of your health with your doctor regularly during the gestation period. 


Betnesol is given in two ways either as an injection directly injected into the vein, or application of betnesol creams topically on the affected areas. Betnesol is not prescribed for long term use and maybe hardly used for 2-3 weeks. The amount of betnesol being pushed into a pregnant woman's body should be tapered slowly to reduce the intensity of any withdrawal symptoms. 


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