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Quit Smoking

  1. 5 Diseases That Are Caused By Smoking

    5 Diseases That Are Caused By Smoking

    Smoking is the greatest cause of so many premature deaths as it contains many poisonous chemicals that kill people every day. This poison not only causes diseases but also disrupts the way body heal itself. The more you smoke, the more you hurt your body. There are many diseases that are directly associated with the cigarette smoking

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  2. 5 Reasons - Why Quit Smoking

    5 Reasons - Why Quit Smoking

    We all must have heard the above phrase many times but do we all know that it affects every organ of our body. .Smoking has become one of the main cause of reducing the health and life expectancy of smokers. It is necessary to understand the major side effects of smoking.  Here are some of the side effects of smoking on different parts of the body.

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