Reach Out To The Addicted Friend With These Following Steps

Getting addicted to a drug and being unable to escape from it is hazardous and depressing. However, watching a loved one struggling against the fiasco of the demon named drug addiction can be painful and heartbreaking. Drug addiction drains a person daily building a fear of loss in the people related to him, day by day. If you know someone who is trapped in the circle and sees no hope of ray at the end of the tunnel, it's your responsibility to hold their hand and walk them through the dark. Get the addict, a good professional help as soon as possible however minute steps on a personal level helps a person to gather will power and make up the mind to fight against the disorder.

Addiction is nothing but a mental disorder and like any other mental disorder, it can also be treated through psychological therapies to a great extent (medical help is obviously must) even on the personal level. Here is the compilation of how you can help your loved one in fighting the evil of drug addiction-

1. Identify

The most difficult and the primary step is to recognise addiction in an individual. An addict never opens up himself to people about his dependence on the substance because it might threaten the chances of continuing the drug. Therefore, look out for the symptoms of drug addiction and then decide if the person needs help or not.

  • Out of the blue mood swings, temper issues and changes in behaviour.
  • Ignoring responsibilities and important chores.
  • Sudden disinterest in spending time with family and a budding detachment.
  • Less interest in self-care
  • Look out for objects like a syringe, bottle, pipe, burnt foil, cans, etc.
  • Keep a check if any money or an expensive item is missing from home.

Physical symptoms include-

  • Unusual change in eyes including change in the size of the pupil, red or glassy eyes, etc.
  • Changes in speech, stammering
  • Shaking and shivering, etc.
  • Frequent bleeding from nostrils.

2. Talk And Be Careful

Once you are sure that your friend is addicted to drug’s usage, talk to him. However its not so easy to talk to someone who is an addict. The biggest problem that you shall face is with convincing the addict that what he/she is up to, is bad. Addiction of drug is lethal but the addict ignores the fact because of his surpassable cravings, in most of the cases the addict might get violent and do anything to deny the acceptance of what they are doing is wrong. Try not to be angry or rude in the response of what they might say.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not play an emotional card or to blackmail the person. Do not say things that may instead push you away from the person. Also, avoid saying things that are hurtful or disgraceful.

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3. Find a suitable help

You can certainly not handle this situation all by yourself. Professional help is necessary but the problem is that in most of the cases, the addict might not get ready to consult professional help. Convince them and be assertive in your efforts. If things are really bad, reach out to rehab for help. In maximum cases, rehabs turn out to be successful, however, convincing your loved one to go to rehab will indeed be a task for you.

4. Create an optimistic environment

An addict prefers to live and stay in a quiet place with fewer disturbances. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to leave them on their own. Spend time with the person, take them out, plan recreational activities with them, go shopping, cook food for them that’s healthy. Try to divert their time in things that are healthy and productive. Dont let them get away with drugs in their leisure time. During the entire period when you are busy keeping them busy, you might come across huge mood swings and behavioural disorders in the person. Be patient and be compassionate.

5. Things To Avoid

Helping your loved one in recovering from the addiction can be one of the most challenging things you’ve done in life. The person you are trying to heal is dealing with reduced tendencies of thinking rationally. Even a single wrong move can create a void among the relations. Therefore, always think before taking any step-

  • Do not ever lecture or rebuke the addict for the choices he has made. He might have begun as a matter of trial but what followed is a biological process. Rebuking your loved one for the choices that they made, at such a sensitive point of time will only distant you two.
  • Taking their responsibilities on your shoulder is one more blunder that you should definitely avoid committing. It will only make them more unproductive, increasing their capability to indulge in drugs more. No matter what, get their work done from them.
  • Always refuse to argue or shout at your loved one when you find them consuming the drug. Dont hurt their self-respect and moral.

And above all, don’t let the process break you. It's a difficult task to pull someone up hanging from the hill top and your hands will hurt a great deal while saving the person. Keep believing in your strength and don’t lose hope with the person they were before addiction caught them.


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