5 Reasons - Why Quit Smoking


Smoking is injurious to health!!

We all must have heard the above phrase many times but do we all know that it affects every organ of our body. .Smoking has become one of the main cause of reducing the health and life expectancy of smokers. It is necessary to understand the major side effects of smoking.  Here are some of the side effects of smoking on different parts of the body.

1. Heart

Smoking increases the chances of developing heart disease and also increases the risk of blood clot or blockage which will automatically lead to a heart attack. The function of coronary arteries is to supply blood to our heart and smoking damage these arteries and makes them narrow which leads to higher risk of blood clots and heart attack. Smoking is the major cause of cardiovascular disease and according to the survey, leading cause for the deaths is cardiovascular disease. Chemicals which are present in cigarette swells cells which narrows the blood vessels and leads to many cardiovascular diseases.

2. Lungs

It has been believed that smoking causes lungs cancer by damaging the cells of the lungs. Smoking is blamed for the high number of deaths every year as it affects our body in the different number of ways. Smokers have higher risk of lung cancer than non smokers and lung cancer survival is said to be the lowest of all cancer. Cigarette has many chemicals like nicotine which enters the lungs and interferes in filtering and cleaning of lungs. Also, smoking decreases the natural defence of lungs which results in conversion of healthy cells to cancer cells.

3. Male Impotence

There are many men who suffers from the problem of erectile dysfunction and smoking is one of the cause of it. As mentioned above Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals which causes damage to a blood cells within the body. This results in narrowing of arteries and makes harder for blood to flow into the penis. Nicotine which is one of the chemicals present in the cigarette has a direct impact on the blood flow and it makes difficulty in keeping an erection.

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4. Pregnancy issues

Smoking can cause harm to your baby even before they are born. Your unborn baby gets oxygen and nutrients through an umbilical cord. Blood flows through this chord to give oxygen to a baby but when you inhale a smoke, it reduces the amount of oxygen your baby gets through the chord. In some way, it makes it difficult for a baby to develop which can also lead to a miscarriage.  


Also, for a newborn baby, breast milk can become a reason for an infection to a baby as when you smoke, the quality of the breast milk reduces and many harmful substances of cigarette can go to baby.

5. Mouth

Gum diseases have become a major cause for many people who are losing their teeth. Smoking reduces the blow flow to the gums which leads to gum problems. The most noticeable immediate effects of smoking are bad breath, loss of taste and smell etc.. Smoking can also worse a condition of gum diseases which can also lead to mouth and lip cancer. Nicotine in cigarette slows down the blood flow which reduces the healing process. It also slows down the recovery of any dental medication.

Share this with everyone now as it’s a high time that one should quit smoking as it can become a cause of their early death. Smokers can consult a doctor and there are medications available and medicines are easily available at an online pharmacy. Also, share your views in the comment section below.



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