Reishi mushroom benefits list

Have you ever thought of making fungus edible, and derive health benefits from it?

Well, the young generation now is hovering upon this new type of mushroom which is edible and medicinal in nature. This mushroom is known as Reishi mushroom and is famously known for its infinite properties tied to longevity, better immune function, and mental clarity. Recently, researchers have named the fungus to be the king of mushrooms. 

Previously, Reishi mushrooms have been considered as an adaptogenic herb. An adaptogenic herb is one such compound that helps the human body deal with harmful effects and toxins such as inflammation, damage to blood vessels, depleted energy levels, various types of hormonal imbalances, etc. 

It is a remedial food which is advised by doctors and healers in treating stress, anxiety and depression in a person. The antioxidant abilities of Reishi mushrooms allow people to strengthen their body’s defenses against allergies, infections, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. 

Quick Facts

Reishi mushrooms are the only kind of fungus that can be consumed and included in your daily diet without any hesitation. They are medicinal mushrooms that come with incredible health benefits. This is a type of fungus that grows in parts of native Asia, including Japan, China and Korea. 

  • Today people are more likely to find them in the form of supplements like  powders. 
  • Reishi mushrooms are turned into herbal medicines from the connective strands called mycelium present in them.
  • They are also converted into tinctures, and powders which is consumed in the form of medicine or supplement. 
  • The traditional Chinese medicine employed fully grown Reishi mushrooms into slices and boiled them in hot water. The concoction was then added to chicken or mutton stew to treat a person suffering from inflammation, fever, low bone density, and heart diseases. 
  • These mushrooms provide protection against tumor formation, improper liver function and also helps a person reduce the risk of allergies and asthma. 

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Understanding The Work Of Reishi Mushrooms

According to research, Reishi mushrooms are native to Japan and China. Recently the United Kingdom has demonstrated protection against a lot of diseases with their usage. This includes:

  • Fatigue 
  • Infections 
  • Inflammation 
  • In this orders sleep disorders 
  • Insomnia 
  • Autoimmune disorders 
  • Food allergies 
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Respiratory infections 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression

Reishi mushroom works as a protector of the human body in the form of an immune modulator. 

  • They help balance the hormones by maintaining perfect homeostasis and regulate the activity of the immune system. 
  • They are capable of fighting malignant/cancerous cell development. They regulate various functions of the cell and the central system of the body. 
  • They are responsible for controlling the endocrine, immune, central nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems in a way that the entire bodily functions are well maintained. 
  • They are capable of doing so much yet they hardly have any side effects. 
  • They are rather less toxic than any sort of traditional medications used today. 
  • They are known to improve mental focus, energy levels and boosts the mood of a person  

 How Does Reishi Mushroom Work

 The secret healing potential of reishi mushrooms is because of the various ingredients. They include complex sugars known as beta-glucans and plant sterols which are the primary precursors to the hormones in the body. 

Along with the beta-glucans polysaccharides are also present, which help in finding malignant cell development along with the presence of an acidic substance called triterpenes, that turn off the body's response to allergies. 

Recent study on reishi mushroom has confirmed lower inflammation and an increase in  the release of killer cells which work towards destroying mutated cells in the body. They are ideal ingredient in preventing heart diseases and aiding in natural cancer treatment.

 The ways in which Reishi mushrooms work include:

  • Enhancing immune response 
  • Activating cytotoxic receptors 
  • Converting excess testosterone to dihydrotestosterone 
  • Inhibiting cell proliferation 
  • Enhancing immune system 
  • Suppressing vascular endothelial growth factors in the body

Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms

1.  Anticancer Properties

 Reishi mushrooms are richly packed with nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids and beta-glucans. The most beneficial component of Reishi mushrooms is called Saccharides which are helpful at fighting cancer cell development. 

All these nutrients present in the mushroom are water-soluble that are also found in carbohydrates along with having antitumor abilities. They help in protecting the DNA of the cell and block the mutations, thereby preventing the beta cells of the body. 

 The biological benefits of polysaccharides include: 

  • Neuroprotective 
  • Anti-fatty 
  • Anti-diabetes 
  • Anti-osteoporosis and 
  • Radioprotective abilities

 Triterpenes found in Reishi mushrooms have cancer-fighting properties which are why the antioxidant-rich foods like pumpkin and berries are known for promoting health. 

Triterpene and polysaccharides together act towards depleting the formation of malignant tumors and metastasis by limiting the attachment of cancer cells to the beta cells and endothelial cells of the body.

 Improving Liver Function

One of the most vital organs of the body is the liver. It is responsible for detoxification by circulating healthy blood and nutrients. Reishi mushrooms have adaptogens that help in for proper functioning of the liver and prevent diseases. They help in flushing out the toxins and bacterias effectively and improve immunity against them. 

 Having Reishi mushrooms included in your diet will help to perform better and improve the function of it. While a lot of toxic waste substances are also removed from the body Reishi mushrooms induce hepatoprotective effects on acute liver injuries, which has antioxidant properties to find harmful immune responses that are capable of slowing down the liver function. 

 The Final Outlook

Being natural, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal Reishi mushrooms offer great protection against microbial, fungal and viral infections. They are capable of improving the health of the blood circulating in the body, thereby lowering inflammation. 

This will help a person heal from an infection more quickly and reduce fatigue. Reishi mushrooms should be added in your diet and treat the underlying causes of hepatitis, urinary tract infections, and human immunodeficiency virus syndrome. 



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