5 sneaky things that ruin your sex drive


Sometimes, having a different sex drive than your partner can be a tough obstacle to overcome. Although there is no magic number for sex, if you are having this feeling that you are not enjoying sex the same way as you used to earlier, there is something wrong. You might be suffering from a low libido. While, everyone occasionally has one night or two where they are just not in the mood, but if that is the case every time, it is time to get some expert advice. Not only a lack of sexual intimacy can lead to tension between you and your partner, it also can make you exhausted and feel run down.

There are various factors that could be the reason behind a lukewarm libido:

1. Stress: If you are feeling the pressure at work, your cortisol levels will probably get higher. Cortisol is a total mood spoiler that may suppress testosterone as well as other hormone productions. Many times, your work schedule is so hectic, that you can’t even manage your drive. It takes a toll on the libido. It is one of the reasons for the diminished interest in sex. According to the studies, people who have stressful jobs, and long working hours, have reported the lost sexual energy. It is necessary to manage it sooner.

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2. Alcohol: A drink can make you more comfortable with sex, but too much can also numb your sex drive. Being drunk can also be a turn off for your partner. Regular and prolonged drinking can reduce your sexual response. In men, too much alcohol consumption can result in erectile dysfunction which is an inability to sustain a firm erection for a longer period of time. Women experience reduced lubrication, hard to have an orgasm or less intense orgasms. It can also affect your fertility.

3. Sleep Deprivation: Not getting enough sleep is also one of the reasons that you are having problems in your sexual life. For all the sexual get-up and go, you must have ample sleep or you might face complications. Chronic Sleep Deprivation actually screws with your hormones and can also hit your libido. According to the research conducted, sleep deprivation can also lower the testosterone levels in women, that leads to sexual dysfunction, and a reduced sex drive as well. Lack of sleep can also affect vaginal lubrication.

4. Medications: There are even some drugs available that can turn down desire. Some of those medications include antidepressants, blood pressure medications, birth control pills, chemotherapy etc. Antihistamines are made to dry out your nasal passages but you might not know that they also dry out your vagina that would put girls less in a mood and can also give birth to relationship complications.

5. Dehydration: When experts advise you to drink plenty of water in a day, it is not just out of concern. Actually, water plays a major role in regulating the entire processing of your body. Lack of hydration can give birth to various health-related conditions like a headache, vaginal dryness that can make sex uncomfortable. Dehydration can easily wreak havoc on your levels of libido.

These are 5 nasty things that can spoil your happy sex drive and cause problems. Share this with your friends and family. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.




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