Sweat The Toxins Out - Practice Hot Yoga

People advising on practicing yoga, do not tell about the modes and ways in which yoga should be done.

Although there are a number of ways to relax body naturally, doing something similar in the form of yoga can provide a better relaxation. For those who have practiced sweating yoga, have fallen in love with it. Hence hot yoga also known as Bikram yoga is gaining importance today.

Hot Yoga And Its Importance 

One of the most prominent styles of hot yoga or Bikram yoga, involves completing a series of 26 poses within 90 minutes, in a hot room heated up to 105°C. Even people with no prior experience of yoga can try it on a regular basis. 

Research has stated that hot yoga gradually increases muscle strength and control with significantly improving body balance. A tremendous drop in body weight was also achieved by those who started practicing it as the first mode of exercise

  • With hot yoga, yoga participants had reported weight loss than originally expected.
  • Heart rate and core temperature increased 
  • An increase in the metabolic rates 
  • A decrease in the calories the body 

Just by simply relaxing the body in a heated room, hot yoga focuses more on integrating yoga with different types of exercises, and movements to create a beneficial workout program. A person practicing hot yoga on a regular basis is expected to burn 1000 calories during a single 90-minute yoga session. 

For decades now, yoga is viewed sceptical in terms of its health benefits. However, the benefits that people have derived over time are numerous-

  • Improve health and well being and 
  • Provide an opportunity to meditate 

Some physicians prefer yoga practices than prescribing counter drugs for heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, back pain, depression, chronic conditions, and even arthritis. 

You may wonder what are the core differences between hot yoga and power yoga and why people like to stress on hot yoga more when it comes to relieving the body of toxins and calories. 

Power Yoga Versus Hot Yoga

Yoga in any form helps in increasing strength, relieve chronic stress, and better flexibility. 

Here is a list of notable differences that are best suited according to a person:

Hot yoga has the following inclusions

  • Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is a rule-based practice 
  • Hot room around 105 degrees is preferred for practicing hot yoga 
  • The entire class requires considerable bright lighting 
  • No hands-on adjustments are allowed 
  • Any hot yoga performed is not less than 90 minutes 
  • Hot yoga or Bikram yoga does not involve the usage of music 
  • All the 90-minute poses are held for a specific amount of time and do not flow together 
  • 26 specific postures are utilized in hot yoga 
  • Includes breathing exercises and work on every part of the body 
  • Giving everything the body needs to maintain optimum focus and functioning 
  • Breathing technique called a T20 breathing observation 

Whereas power yoga includes the following

  • Excess of heat or oxygen heated temperatures are not required 
  • The postures of power yoga may vary according to the style of the instructor and present a challenging series for those who are practicing advanced level yoga
  • Any type of lighting of flooring can be included 
  • The length of the sessions can be long or even short depending upon the asana practiced 
  • Traditional poses such as Sun Salutations, downward-facing dog and warrior fall flowing seamlessly from one place to another may be carried on 
  • Power yoga is one of the witnessed versions of the eight limbs of yoga also known as ashtanga vinyasa yoga 
  • Any sort of music that comes and suites the mind can be played while practicing yoga 
  • Heat promoting breadth is used in which a person is required to inhale and exhale rhythmically through the nose 
  • The process of breathing and moving from one pose to another rhythmically is known as vinyasa yoga and is an important characteristic of power yoga

Hot Yoga And Its Safety

Undoubtedly yoga is one of those forms of exercise that offers benefits even more than the over the counter drugs. Be it in the breathing exercises or the healthy meditation practices, flexibility exercises and even running exercises all benefit a person from tip to toe. 

The 90-minute hot yoga style is researched and examined because of the heart rate and core temperature. 

The characteristics of hot yoga include a lot of yoga poses and a few breathing exercises. A person attending any one class of hot yoga may find themselves completely drenched in sweat and also surrounded by his own sweat puddles, which acts as a cleansing effect of the body 

Take A Safe Hot Yoga Class

When it comes to doing exercise be it yoga for running or walking and jogging - the ultimate goal is to be attentive towards your body. If you are feeling lightheaded, step out of the room no matter how less the time was that you dedicated towards that practice. 

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Yoga classes are not fond of interruptions, however here are ways in which you can safely practice them: 

  • Try taking a shorter version of the class approximately 60 minutes if you are just beginning
  • Instead of increasing the room temperature at 105 degrees, try to keep it low and you can adjust it to stay between 98 -100 Fahrenheit
  • Try hydrating yourself more frequently and keep a water bottle for the entire time that you are sweating inside a hot room
  • Do not replace nutrients. It is very important to stay hydrated but keep in mind that with sweat a lot of nutrients get of the body. People only take a lot of water in the form of giving back the body the lost nutrients, however, they don't realize a lot of sodium-potassium and other electrolytes also get of the body when a person is sweating. 
  • It's important to listen to your body and not force yourself into an activity  

The Takeaway

Always take precautionary measures and a consultation from your doctor before trying out any new idea or method for your fitness. If you have a history of respiratory distress, heart issues or diabetes, you need to consult a therapist or yoga practitioner. 





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