5 symptoms of Pregnancy that may embarrass you in public

Pregnancy changes your life and your body in many positive and negative ways. Your belly might expand, You’ll start feeling more tired, restless, you might also throw up a few times as your pregnancy progresses. A woman undergoes many body changes while she is in her gestation period. Some of the most common changes include increased vaginal discharge, constipation, hair growth on the belly and other things as well. Mostly, women don’t talk about these things or they are too embarrassed to share it with anyone, even their partner. Despite the feeling of embarrassment, it is more important to not be shy. Your doctor will need to know what is going on with you just to make sure that your pregnancy is healthy.

We present 5 symptoms that may be the cause of your embarrassment in public:

1. Passing gas a lot: Every pregnant woman gets gassy virtually. The reason behind it is mostly the hormonal surge that can slow down your gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes, you may not even be able to keep it to yourself and have to get humiliated in front of everyone. Although, you can’t avoid the problem; you can reduce your tendency towards the gas problem with proper exercising and dietary changes. Sometimes, dairy products can also cause distress during pregnancy that could lead to flatulence. You should try lactose milk. It is extremely beneficial.

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2. Facial Hair: Hormones are responsible for the growth of hair in unwanted places. During pregnancy, most women are ecstatic to learn that they’ll soon get some unwanted area. If you don’t want that, you can go for waxing or tweezing.They are the easiest way for hair removal during pregnancy.

3. Leaking Breasts: If you think that this only happens after you have delivered a baby, it’s not actually the case. Before the delivery also, your body starts producing colostrum by 16 weeks. There are more chances of leakage that will even wet your shirts.

4. Constipation: Pregnancy also causes constipation. The hormones eventually slow things down the body so your body can absorb every last nutrient. Sometimes, this doesn’t turn out pleasant for you. You will have to go to washroom again and again.
Frequent Peeing: As the baby grows bigger, it starts jumping on your bladder that can make you pee in your pants. It can also occur while you sneeze or laugh.

These are 5 of the top most symptoms of pregnancy that women are ashamed of expressing it in front of everyone. Read it and just be aware that you don’t need to be embarrassed. Share this with your friends and family to create awareness.


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