Why And How To Take Care Of Your Wife During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best feelings, not only for a woman but also for a man. Although it is a woman who carries her baby in the womb for nine months, a man or to be a father too plays an important role to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Male participation is equally important.  

Sometimes as a husband, you might not be sure how you can help your wife during pregnancy, but remember that by just being with her emotionally and physically can make her feel special. Cherish her!!

Remember that the quality of care during pregnancy and delivery is strongly associated with the health of both a mother and the future generation.

Evidence suggests that a man can influence the course of pregnancy as his effects and behavior can have a significant impact on the health and well being of his partner. It is believed that women whose partner resides and involves with them during pregnancy are more likely to have healthy babies.  

Father has his own commitment to the unborn child through his personal experience of the pregnancy. These experiences include the role of a supporter for the mother.

Every woman deserves to be treated in a special way and when she is pregnant, her expectations from her partner increases. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your wife during pregnancy and make her feel safe and special:

1. Educate yourself

Pregnancy comes with a lot of happiness but at the same time, it brings a lot of responsibility. The responsibility of someone who has not taken birth yet. It is not only the duty of a mother to take care of her child, but also of a father. In fact, the duty of a father is more than that of a mother as he needs to take care of two, a child and a mother.

Education plays a vital role in order to take proper care of a child and a mother. Therefore educating yourself about the pregnancy and its possible effects on a should be the first step to be taken. There are many do’s and don’ts to be followed in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Five critical areas for creating a healthy pregnancy include healthy behavior, knowledge of child development, know about nutritional needs.

2. Be sensitive

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman, just try to be sensitive to her new lifestyle and habits. Pregnancy can make her body make an unusual amount of hormones that can make her feel exhausted and moody. Moodiness is extremely normal in pregnancy and happiness and anxiety can occur at the same time. Try to be sensitive towards all these changes and make her feel normal. Be sensitive towards her requests and be kind. Also, bring change to some of your habits such as eating a lot of junk food (that you probably don’t want her to eat), excessive drinking, smoking, or staying out late.

3. Make her feel special

According to research, during pregnancy, every woman needs psychological support and for women, psychological support is valued in the form of emotional expressions of caring, empathy, and sympathy. Many women feel that during pregnancy they are less sexy and beautiful due to their weight gain. Tell her that she is as beautiful as she was and you still find her attractive.

Stay close to her and make her feel special. Shower your love on her and you can also buy her some gifts. Go and shop with her (you can buy some gifts and goodies for you baby). In short, spend some quality time with her and let her know that you love her. You can also share your ideas and expectations about how you will handle parenting needs after the baby is born.


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4. Accompany her to the doctor

We all are aware that pregnancy is accompanied by many visits to the doctor, go with her. Accompany her to the doctor during the pregnancy to know about her health needs and the needs of the developing baby and also make her feel safe. Many women are scared for her baby, being with her helps her gain strength to face changes.  This way you can also share your concerns or thoughts with the doctors regarding the pregnancy.

5. Exercise together

Exercise is important during pregnancy as it makes a mother fit and to make her strong to deliver a healthy baby. Evidence suggests that exercising during pregnancy can reduce the risk or various complications (always consult a specialist before you start doing exercise as not all exercises are meant for pregnant ladies).  Exercising is healthy behavior and practicing these types of healthy behavior can give both you and your developing baby a healthy kick start. Exercise can also help you gain strength to take care of your baby.

6. Give her some space

Yes!! Staying with her and accompanying her is important but at the same time, giving some personal space to a woman is also important. Always allow your partner to enjoy some personal time (may be with her friends or shopping). This can add happiness in her life and make her feel that nothing has actually changed after becoming pregnant. A baby is just an added happiness to their perfect life.