Things Every Female Should Know About Breast Pain

Sore breasts are a nightmare for all the women out there. This problem is medically identified as is known as ‘mastalgia’. While this situation is considered to be normal, they are extremely uncomfortable as they interfere with sex, work, clothing, and what not. According to a survey done on women in New York, almost half of them experience tender breast throughout the month, irrespective of their menstrual cycle.

Now before you start panicking at the thought of breast cancer, let me tell you straight away that Cyclic, generalized breast pain that you experience around your periods is never due to breast cancer.On the other hand,  Localized, non-cyclic breast pain is also rare due to cancer. But that’s not it. Breast pain is a symptom of inflammatory cancer as this type of cancer can be associated with rapidly progressing tender, firm and enlarged breasts. If you feel a redness, lumps and orange peel like texture around your nipples, it is the time to see your doctor about the same.


1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): This is the most common reason for breast pain in women, right before the starting of periods. Such type of breast pain is called cyclic pain and ought to go away once the periods are over.

2. Intense workout: If you are too much into gymming these days and spending a lot of time on pushups and weightlifting, it can be a reason for your breast pain. There are pectoral muscles beneath the breasts which can result into breast pain if stretched or strained. You can use a heating pad or pain reliever to treat this kind of tenderness.

3. Ill-fitted bra: This is quite shocking but 80% of women do not even know the accurate measurement of their breasts and wear wrong size bras throughout their life. The problem gets worse for women with heavy breasts as the absence of proper support can pull breast tissues and cause pain.Please note that a comfortable bra is an investment as it can prevent you from problems like back pain, breast pain, and even headache in long terms.

4. Menopause: Menopause is the time of hormonal changes in women. Generally, this process starts from the age of 51 and takes up 12 years to get done. Breast tenderness is one of the many symptoms of menopause and includes sensations like burning, stabbing and throbbing in the chest area. While this is completely natural, you can take prescription drugs for the same. You can either buy it over the counter or get it from any reliable online pharmacy.

5. A change in birth control: Young women can experience sore breasts after changing their birth control methods as your body takes its time to register hormonal changes due to birth control. In this situation, you have to make sure you have pain in both the breasts in order to avoid any cyst, which feels like a small bubble and causes discharge from the nipple.

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So after reading so many situations where breast pain is ‘normal’, you must be wondering when to start taking this pain seriously? The answer is, always! You should always keep a track of the severity of your breast pain and consult your doctor when this pain hinders you from your daily routine and you notice irregular redness, swelling or discharge on a frequent basis.


Though science does not support the role of diet and lifestyle changes in treating breast pain, many women report a great relief after using the ways listed below. You can try them by yourself, and let us know if any of them helps you to get rid of breast discomfort.

1. Reduce excess estrogen from your system: Stop eating from plastic packaging and ditch estrogen based birth control. You should also avoid dairy products.
Increase iodine and fibre in diet- You need to have  a healthy digestive system to get the estrogen out of your system. Iodine deficiency may lead to lumpy and tender breasts. For iodine, you can include seaweeds, lentils, black beans, etc in your diet.

2. Drink water: Water is for everybody! You should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. You should also start working on saying no to alcohol and caffeine as they can be directly associated with breast related problems.

3. Wear well-fitted bra: Last but definitely not the least, invest in a bra; take my word here, you will notice a positive change in your confidence, posture and breast pain. Consider changing your bras in an interval of 6 months.

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This was it for this article. Share it with your girlfriends, family or anyone who is going through the painful time of breast tenderness.