7 things that are killing your sensual mood quickly

Having a different sex drive than your partner is can be a tough barrier to overcome. Obviously, there’s no magic number of times you should be having sex, but if you feel like you’re just not cherishing sex like you used to, you might be suffering from a low sex drive. While you don’t know for sure who the culprit is until you discuss with your doctor. From pills that paralyze sex drive to regular habits that turn your desire off, there are multiple libido killers that are hidden among the hustle and bustle of daily life. There are even various food items that kill your sexual desire instantly. There are various foods that are fueled with testosterone. We often believe that testosterone is a hormone that men zip through their bodies while estrogen is mainly considered to be a female hormone. The truth is that both estrogens, as well as, testosterone play an important role in the bodies of both sexes and unless we have a good ratio of one to other- all the things can get really wonky. Men and women both may experience weird body changes like an excessive growth of hair in women, and men can grow breasts.

We have compiled the list of some things that could futz with the delicate balance or can also be a contributing factor to a stuttering sex drive:

1. Fatigue: Have you gotten too tired of sex? If your partner tells this to you, don’t take it as an excuse. Most of the women wait until the day to have sex, but when the time comes, they can’t get aroused. It’s better to choose a time of day to have sexual intercourse, when you are at an energy peak, not when you’re feeling most exhausted as well as stressed. Another tip? Here it is: If you want to indulge in some naughty activities later, opt for a lighter dinner before hitting the bedroom.

2. Your thyroid is off-balance: If you have abnormal thyroid level, it can take a major toll on your sex drive. Hypothyroidism affects the metabolism, that in turn slows down your sexual hormone production. Therefore, it is important to get your thyroid levels tested to see if it is actually the culprit.

3. Partner Problems: Among the top sex-killers, partner problems is on the top. When it comes to women, the feeling of intimacy plays a major role in desire. It is advised to more sexes, watch out for any kind of fallouts like poor communication, feeling of betrayal, other trust issues etc.

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4. Obesity: Weight fluctuates constantly in women. That change might come from overeating or after pregnancy effects. According to the experts, weight can be a major psychological roadblock that prevents women from enjoying sex. Weight is one of the biggest factors in how women see themselves and feel how attractive they are.

5. Too little Sleep: If your sexual get-up-and-go is gone, it might be because you are sleep deprived. Do you go to bed too late and wake up too early? Do you feel trouble in sleeping or staying asleep? Anything that messes up with a good night’s rest can kill your sex drive as well. Work on your sleep habits else consult your doctor.

6. Antidepressants: There are some hormones involved like serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine that decide the intensity of your sex drive. Antidepressants and other psychiatric medications tend to flatten those dips as well as spikes that often lead to arousal. If you drink that the medication you are taking is affecting your libido, you can talk to your doctor. Tip: If you do exercise for 20 minutes, it can help boost arousal in women who had experienced an antidepressant-related dip in desire.

7. Dehydration: You might have been bombarded with various reasons to drink water during the daytime, but another reason that will make you go for drinking sufficient amount of H2O is that not getting enough water can destroy your urge to get it on. Lack of hydration give rise to various medical conditions like headache, vaginal dryness, that can make sex uncomfortable. Try sipping a glass of water every hour and see the trick.

These things are the leading causes that make you less interested in sex. Avoid these things. Plan romantic outings and dinner date at least once in a month so that you can redevelop the lost intimacy. If this article helped you, comment in the section below.


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