6 Things That Helps You Stay Healthy

In today's’ time where everyone is busy with their work, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our priorities towards our work or other things do not allow us to do everything that helps us stay healthy. But it is essential to understand that taking out some time for the health from the busy schedule is important to our overall well being. The healthy lifestyle allows us to live more as it decreases the risk of several health problems and our chances of dying early due to illnesses.

Scientific studies have proven that health is not only about avoiding the occurrence of chronic diseases, but it is about the mental, physical, and social well being. You must have heard people saying that six best doctors for a healthy life are - sunshine, water, diet, rest, exercise, and laughter. Well, that right!! These six things can significantly help in maintaining the health of a person as they work miraculously is preventing and treating many acute and chronic health conditions.


Many of us must be aware that sunshine is considered to be the best way to get vitamin D, which is important for our skeletal system and also for other systems in the body and preventing a number of diseases including cancer. Multiple studies have shown that exposure to ultraviolet rays could lead to skin cancer, but it's a half said truth. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of cancer. Enjoying sunshine for a limited amount of time can provide many health benefits.

Apart from a higher level of vitamin D in the body, sunshine helps in improving the overall sense of health by improving the feeling of happiness and better psychological health. Studies have shown that going out in nature and enjoying sunshine can improve the overall psychological health of a person as it promotes positivity. Multiple studies have also shown that sunshine promoted faster healing. It is believed that exposure to sunlight can help in faster recovery and decreased pain.


Water is essential for living. It is very much clear that water plays the most important role in the body, and its deficiency can affect health significantly. Drinking water is important to keep the body working, but drinking plenty of water can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it provides multiple numbers of benefits in the human body. Water helps in preventing obesity by aiding weight loss by increasing the metabolism in the body and by flushing out fats and toxins from the body. High weight is associated with many health problems.

Water also helps to keep maintain skin health. No one can deny the fact that each one of us needs healthy glowing skin. Water can help you with that. This is because hydration is the secret to healthy glowing skin, and water helps to keep skin hydrated. Water can make you glow. On the other hand lack of water can make you dehydrated and leads to the occurrence of many problems such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, and in case of severe dehydration, a chronic and life-threatening condition may develop.

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Making careful food choices is important for a healthy and balanced diet. Our eating habits have a lot to do with the health, therefore, selecting food according to nutritional value and our body’s need is important. Nutrients have a big role to play in the normal functioning of the human body and its deficiency can affect health in multiple ways.

There is no ideal diet for anyone as the nutritional requirement of everyone is different. But everyone needs to have a diet that supplies different kinds and amounts of nutrients that are essential for good health. Primarily, there are six nutrients that are required to stay healthy - proteins, minerals, water, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.  Therefore, understanding the body needs and eating a variety of foods according to the needs is important. Food is the primary source of fuel in the body.

Many times, most of us consume junk food which fails to provide nutrients that our body needs. Instead, it provides excess fat in the body which increases the risk of weight gain, leading to obesity and other health problems.  


Work and other responsibilities have always been a priority for many people, and many times they ignore their body needs to fulfill their responsibilities. The functioning of the human body is highly dependent on how we take care of it. It works continuously for hours, but after some time, it also needs rest. Yes!! Our body needs proper rest and if we fail to provide our body with proper rest, it can stop functioning or work abnormally.

Since years, we have heard the importance of sleep. This is because sleep is a kind of rest we give to our body. This point can simply be understood with an example, you must have realized that a lack of sleep makes you irritated, fatigued, and look bad. Now just imagine what a prolonged lack of rest can do to your body.  Therefore, taking proper rests is extremely important to keep working and taking up new responsibilities.


Exercise has often been considered as a medicine for almost every health problem. This is because exercise can have an impact on almost every system in the body. Evidence has shown that people who have a habit of exercising or any physical activity are less likely to suffer from health problems. Exercise is not only required to have a toned body but is also important for our body to function effectively.

It has been observed by many researchers, that people who do not do any physical activity and are involved in sedentary behavior are mostly obese and suffering from many health problems such as heart disease. Exercise has become a need in our daily lives. It is important for healthy physical and mental health.

In the beginning, many people believe that exercise adds stress on the body but the actual truth is that its a stress relieving activity (if done for the limited amount of time). Exercise has many benefits on the health of a person.


Many of you must have heard people saying that laughter is the best medicine. That’s true! Many medical studies have proved that laughter has physical as well as mental benefits. The primary reason how laughter adds on well being is that it increases the level of health-enhancing hormones.

Laughter can also significantly reduce the effects of stress on the body, and it does this by increasing the number of antibodies producing cells and its efficiency. This leads to a stronger immune system, hence fewer effects of stress on the body. Laughter is a powerful tool that helps to cope with multiple acute and chronic health conditions.

Laughter enhances overall physical and mental well being. It brings the focus away from all the negative emotions and adds happiness.

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