5 things you must know about morning wood

Doctors call it nocturnal penile tumescence(NPT), morning wood is a condition in which men may wake up with an erect penis from time to time. Although men of all ages experience it but is more common in younger people. Many people have a misconception that it is a sign of sexual stimulation, which is not always the case. It is the response of your body to various natural occurrences.

We present 5 things that you should be aware of this physical condition in men:

1. What are the causes? The cause is multifactorial which means that there are various factors involved for it to happen. Some of them include:

  • Hormone Shifts: The level of testosterone is highest in the morning after you wake up. When you wake up from rapid eye movement, the level of hormone spikes up. This increase is enough to cause an erection, even if there is no physical stimulation. As men grow older, natural testosterone level begins to fall, due to which the morning wood will also fall.
  • Physical Stimulation: It doesn’t matter if your eyes are shut or not, your body is still aware of what is happening to your body. If you or your partner accidentally touch your genitals, you may get a boner. Your body senses the stimulation due to which it responds with an erection.

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2. Does it mean we are aroused? Studies that were conducted have found out that most of the men surveyed weren’t aroused, even though their penis was imploring them otherwise. It is even rarely the result of scandalous thoughts. Sometimes, when the urethra gets filled, it can also cause the penis to engorge that leads to a different type of boner.

3. Who gets it? Men of all age can experience this physical condition which is considered completely healthy and a sign of properly functioning blood and nervous system in and around the willy. Young boys may experience it. It can also occur in men of age 60 to 70 yrs old, and that becomes infrequent eventually.

4. The penis is going rogue because the brain is not paying attention: According to the study, during REM sleep, certain parts of the brain shut down and the penis decides that it is the time to run free.The moment the brain stops keeping a check on it, it starts acting wildly, resulting in the morning boner.

5. Just by rubbing up against something in sleep can get you horny subconsciously: If a man is waking up with the boner, doesn’t mean he is sexually aroused. The brain is receptive to physical stimulation when it’s still asleep. So, if you sleep close to your partner and your body just rub against each other, then also you may experience the boner.

Morning wood is very common. It is actually an indication of normal blood and nerve supply to the penis. Therefore, you don't need to be worried about this thing as it might go away in some time. Share this with your partner to spread awareness. Stay Safe Stay Healthy


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