5 things you’ve been doing wrong while showering


Taking the shower is the first thing that you do after waking up or the last thing before going to sleep. It just seems simple enough. All you have to do is just hop into the bathroom, turn on the water, lather up, rinse and dry. Pretty Easy right!!! Well, fellas, it’s not that easy a task as one might have hoped. It turns out that there’s more to showering smartly than you know. Many of us are making showering mistakes that can disturb your health. While showering every day can keep you smell fresh, it could actually harm your health.

We’ve picked up 5 things that you’ve been doing wrong all this time but don’t know about it:

1. Showering at the wrong temperature: Too hot and you can dry your skin out, too cold and your cleanser won’t lather easily. It’s always a matter of doubt as what is the correct temperature of water required by the body for a bath. According to the researchers, 103℉ is the correct temperature range for those who have moderately dry skin.

2. Showering for too long: Standing under a stream of warm water may make you feel good and relaxed, but staying there for too long is doing more harm than just wasting the water. Depending on the hardness as well as the complexity of water, the longer you take a shower, the drier your skin may get. It can lead to dry, flaking, cracked skin and can also cause some serious skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

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3. Washing your hair every day: if you are shampooing your hair too frequently, you are actually stripping off its natural oils. This is why it is recommended not to wash your hair on a daily basis. Shampooing your hair twice a week works great in maintaining its moisture without affecting the production of its natural oils.

4. Leaving the loofah in the shower: If you also just hang up your loofah when you are done with it in the bathroom when it is not completely dry, then it is time to stop this practice. Doing this, can cause all sorts of nasty stuff grow in it. Make sure to wash the loofah thoroughly and ring it dry. Also, store it in a dry place to avoid bacteria get into it.

5. Rubbing yourself dry with the towel: When you rub your skin too roughly, you actually aggravate the delicate skin causing it to get chapped and dry. Instead, use a fluffy towel and pat lightly on your body. Do not rub or scrub. A towel can also harbor bacteria if they are not properly washed and dried out after the use.

The list of these 5 things may just change the way you shower for good. After all, your skin and hair are counting on you. So, try these tips and let us know in the comments if you know of some more bathroom hacks.




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