Things Your Nails Point Out About Your Health


Fingernails can act as warning signs for your health. The colour, texture and shape of the nail indicate the general health of an individual. Just like other parts of the body fingernails and toenails are also prone to infections or other health problems.

1. Colour of nails

The colour of fingernails acts as a snapshot of person’s health and it also reveals health problems or diseases that might be the reason for the change in the colour of nails.

  • Yellow nails: Those people who frequently paint their nails observe yellowish nails when they remove nail paint. But if the colour of your nails is not going back to normal shade then it indicates health problems. Diabetes is one of the diseases that can lead to yellowish nails as well as yellow skin. Nails changes its colour when glucose connects with the collagen proteins present in the nails. Also, due to nicotine stains, heavy smokers also witness yellow nails.
  • Blue nails: Blue nails indicate oxygen-related health problems such as low hemoglobin, asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.. It also acts a sign for certain heart problems. Blue green colour of the nails can also be due to the fungal infection.
  • White nails: White nails acts as an indication of nail infection or certain health issues such as anaemia, renal failure, vascular conditions etc..
  • Reddish Brown nails: Deficiency of folic acid or vitamin C can be the reason of reddish brown colour of nails. It also indicates conditions like cardiovascular disease or syphilis. Also, people who do excessive smoking may have brown nails due to nicotine staining.
  • Black nails: Chronic Pseudomonas infection can be the reason behind the black nails. Trauma and topical preparations are also some of the possible reasons for black nails. It is suggested that black nails should be seen by the dermatologist.

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2. Thickening, breaking and splitting of nails

The fungus is the most common problem that causes nails to become thick. According to the researchers, slowness in the growth of nails produces thick nails and the reason could be lack of iron and zinc. Deficiency of vitamin A, biotin, moisture and essential fatty acids can make nails dry, weak which cracks easily. Also, if you are undergoing chemotherapy, then you are likely to witness some side effects of it. Chemotherapy makes an immune system weak and as a result  nails and other tissues loses its strength. It slows the growth of nails and nails are likely to break more easily. Change in weather or any fluctuation in temperature like going from a hot place to cold place also put a strain on nails and therefore makes them weak. Sometimes chemical exposure and overusing nail cosmetics also lead to dry, hard and caused nail breakage.

3. Appearance of nail

A shape of nail also indicates the overall health of a person and sometimes it ends up revealing severe disease.

  • Soft nails: Most of the time poor diet is a reason for soft nails. Deficiency of proteins can make the nails soft and it can easily be treated by consuming protein-rich diet. Another reason that can cause soft nails is frequent exposure to water and increases the chances of damage to nails.
  • Plummer’s nail: It is a situation in which nail gets separated from the nail bed and mostly this condition occurs in the ring and little fingers. As lifting occurs at the nail it increases the chances of bacterial and yeast infection. Hyperthyroidism is one of the health problems that have high chances of causing plummer’s nail.
  • Splinter hemorrhages: It is a condition in which tiny blood clots run vertically under the nails. It can be a sign of heart valve infection and it should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Spoon nails: Spoon nails are thin, soft and nails that look like scooped away from fingers. Cardiovascular problems and hyperthyroidism can be the cause of spoon nails.
  • Ridges in nails: Ridges in the nails are quite common and it occurs when out nails lack moisture or due to ageing. With age, natural oil of the skin is less which causes dry skin and hence ridges nails.

As you now know that fingernails can also act as a warning sign for your health, share it with your friends and family to give them knowledge about it.




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