How to train your mind to hate junk?

Junk food addiction is a real thing, as unreal as it may sound. Studies clearly show that people actually crave junk food, which is why trying to not eat it with deliberation is complicated. According to findings, these cravings are designed to ensure that people are simply unable to resist the temptation. The reason is that just the right amount of fats, sugar, and salts, along with additives are included by food manufacturers which entice individuals into not only consuming more junk food, but also wanting more even if they are full.

Junk and sugary food make you less productive. Eliminating them from your diet is challenging, but not all hope is lost. Remember, certain tactics help you in getting over this addiction even if you are a junk food lover. You have to practice them regularly to make them a part of your routine.

1. Check ingredient label

We all know that ingredients like processed sugar, cholesterol and sodium benzoate are unhealthy for our body. Still, we ignore this fact as if we don't know it. While going on grocery shopping, we tend to throw things into the trolley, particularly junk foods like chips, carbonated drinks etc. without even reading their ingredient list. If you are trying to avoid junk food, then spend good time reading the label in order to understand much unhealthy fats, salts and sugars these foods have. This habit can help you think twice about them and thus help you avoid junk food.

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2. ‘Routine-Cheat’ your brain

There are times when you start craving for a particular thing- everyday and at the same time. This is because human brain takes about 2 weeks to adapt a new habit; and this can be either bad or good for you- depending upon how you make use of it. For example, if you crave for chocolates everyday after lunch, either you can continue the same for months and get extremely addicted to it. Or, you can force yourself to go for a walk after lunch. You may find it difficult during initial days, but I’m sure you will get back on track within 15 days.

3. Avoid trigger food

Trigger foods are items we have the strongest liking for and which are hard to say no to. While trigger food vary for person to person, fast food generally attracts everyone towards it. Considering its tendency to make people reach to it, the best way to avoid such food is to avoid yourself from being around the same. For example, if burgers are your trigger food and you have a McDonald’s on your way work, consider changing your route for 2-3 weeks. Once you realize you can live without junk, it will get easy to save yourself from them.

4. Know how junkies are prepared

OK now this can be a little overwhelming but it extremely helpful to hate junk food. All you need to do is to disgust yourself by watching them prepared in factories. Trust me, it is extremely unhygienic and will make never want to put them in your mouth. They usually use old oils and toxins while preparing it. And you don’t want to eat germs from the package after sanitizing your hands; do you?

I hope these tips help you to adapt healthy eating habits. Share them with your friends and family and let’s move forward towards a healthier.

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