5 tips to make sure you travel with medications legally

Bathing Suit? Check

Plane Tickets? Check

Wait? Did you check medicines? Err. That’s where it all gets complicated.

Traveling with medications even prescription drugs is not as simple as just packing it. Travelers often pack medicines whenever they go abroad but there are some prescription or over-the-counter drugs that they carry with themselves for things like pain, allergy and even the common cold are illegal in some countries. While most of the travelers do not think twice about tossing aspirin and also routine prescriptions into their bags, when you are traveling with medicines, you should give it some serious thought. There are some restrictive nations who ban the imported narcotics or over-the-counter drugs.

From how to pack medicines to what to do if you run out of them,  we have come up with 5 basic tips for traveling internationally with medicines that won’t ruin your journey:

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1. What’s up doc? If your date of travel is getting closer, schedule an appointment with the doctor. Talk to him about the healthcare needs you will be having while traveling. It’s also a great idea to research the environmental conditions like air pollution, altitude, humidity etc. Be sure to check the availability and standards of care in your city and the one you are heading to.

2. Plan Ahead: There is no central up-to-date repository as the laws vary from country to country. After checking everything with your physician, also check with the embassy of your destination country. You can easily get the details of the embassy where you are planning your trip to. You can also find the list of insurance providers that offer all the overseas health coverage.

3. Always carry prescription drugs: Keep many copies of your original prescription if you can. Obtain a letterhead from your physician, that lists down all the medicines that you need and have been prescribed. You would get this translated to the language of the country that is supposed to be your destination, so it’s easy to read. There are some countries that required documents that need to be submitted to the government officials even in advance of the arrival.

4. Know the names and the amounts of active ingredients: The official papers that you are carrying with you, should also indicate the generic and chemical names of the active ingredients. It must determine permissibility. There are some countries where medicines are allowed but their amount is capped. So, reduce the dosage or switch to any medicine. It could be the best way to stay compliant. You can also consider making a switch after consulting with the doctor before your trip so you can give yourself little time to readjust.

5. Reconsider your travel plan: Parents who are traveling with a child with bipolar disorder or hyperactivity disorder who cannot make adjustments on the fly may want to consider going on a vacation especially where the medicines they are relying on are banned or restricted.

There is a smart list that you should keep in mind before traveling:

  • Know the medicines completely that you are taking
  • Depending on the destination, take the special prescription of antibiotic treatment or moderate to severe diarrhea, to prevent altitude sickness.
  • Sunscreen that is rich in both UVA and UVB protection
  • Eye Drops that are lubricating
  • Moleskin for blisters
  • Aloe Gel for sunburns
  • Tablets of water purification
  • Latex Condoms
  • Thermometer
  • If there is some medicine that you routinely take, be sure to include a sufficient supply for your trip and also carry for emergency situations.
  • To avoid any questionings at custom immigration, keep all the medicines in their respective containers.
  • Check with the airlines for any kind of recommendations on traveling with the medications.
  • Pack a note on the letterhead stationery from the physician for any controlled substances like painkillers, stimulants etc.

These early tips will definitely ease your next trip. Read it to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Share this with everyone. Tell us how you liked the article in the comment section below. Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


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