6 Ways To Have An Acne Free Face

Love healthy and glowing skin??? But don't know how to get it ?? I've got a number of natural ways that can help in keeping your face glowing and acne free.

1. Drink enough water

8 glasses water a day, keeps the doctor away !!

Drinking a good amount of water can be a tip for healthy, glowing and acne free skin. Water acts as a moisturizer and flushes toxins out of the body as toxins give you blemishes and acne on your skin.  

According to the study it was found that people tend to complain more about acne when they are dehydrated and an inadequate intake of water makes your skin appears duller and pores more prominent.

2. Meditation

It has been known that meditation fixes the acne problem and rids of it completely for you. It has been seen that stress is one of the main reason for dull skin or for acne, and meditation can help can get rid of the stress you have been building inside you. Meditation is letting go of yourself completely and letting you be in a stress free zone. It is the most effective way of curing acne as it releases you from stress which is the leading cause of acne.

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3. Eat balanced diet

Nutritionists tell us that "a balanced diet is a key to a healthy body and healthy skin".

Acne is a skin problem that can bump into your skin anytime but one thing that easily affects your skin is diet or what you eat. For example, Certain food products raise your sugar level quickly which will release insulin and this excess insulin in the body will cause your oil glands produce more oil. Hence, increasing your risk of acne.

4. Always wash your face before bed

Washing your face before going to bed can help you fight with many skin problems. Now it has become an essential as if you don't wash your face daily before going to bed, bacterias will have enough time to damage your skin. It has become an important step because throughout the day, our skin often get exposed to sun rays, dust, and different environmental conditions and it can cause severe damage to our skin. Hence lead to dull skin.

5. Get good sleep

A good sleep is essential for glowing and healthy skin. It heals our entire body which includes skin. It replaces old and unhealthy cells from our skin and replaces sit from the new and fresh ones, which results in the clear and glowing skin.

Also, stress is closely related to impaired sleep and a good amount of sleep can help you in reducing stress. According to study, stress is associated with shortened sleep, fragmentation etc. and shortened or disturbed sleep causes an increase in the level of traditional stress and may thus exacerbate the effects of stress.

6. Moisturize your face regularly

Countless skin experts advice that everyone should use moisturizer as moisture in the skin helps keep pores open and acne doesn't form. Moisturizer reduces the chances of skin problem but choosing a right moisturizer is equally important as it helps your skin maintain its balance. It will help give your sensitive skin a boost it needs to repair itself and stays healthy.


Skin is the sensitive part of the body and one needs to take care of it properly to stay away or to say bye to their angry pimples.  




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