What Do Skin Tags Signify?

Let us talk about a skin sign that you may not know means something. Your doctor, in fact, may not know that there is a direct correlation between skin tags and a very dangerous metabolic syndrome. 

More than millions of people have skin tags. It looks like there is a genetic component which means if your family has skin tags, you may be a little more likely to have skin tags. There may be a vital component to this which doctors are not sure about. 

If you do not know what skin tags are, they are those little tags of skin that hang around under your eyelids, armpits, neck, groin area. Dermatologists will tell you this is where skin rub skin but the problem with that is there are millions of people out there with eyelids and armpits without any skin tags. 

And their skin rubs as any other person’s would. There must be something else, something deeper going on. The medical term for skin tags is Acrochordons. They are benign, they are never cancerous and you do not need to worry about that.

But what you have to worry about is what is going on inside your body. The skin tag itself is not dangerous at all. You have to have a minor surgical procedure to have the skin tag removed, but removing all the skin tags on your body does not remove the risk of the syndrome that is going on inside your body. 

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The big danger from skin tags is Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Hyperinsulinemia and Type-2 diabetes. There is a direct association between the number of skin tags you have on your body regardless of where they are at, and the risk of developing all of the aforementioned conditions. 

There is also a direct relationship between the number of skin tags you have and being obese, but that is not because just being obese causes skin tags it is because of the metabolic syndrome insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia

You can go to a skin specialist or a family doctor who has removed around thousands of skin tags and if they do not tell you that you can keep these from happening and reverse the ones you already have and make them smaller, they are just making money off of you.

You would rather fix the underlying problem and that is the fact that you are eating too many carbohydrates and too many processed carbohydrates. There is actually a diet that many people have used to shrink or completely remove their skin tags. And that is the low carb high-fat diet. 

Keto diet, Atkins diet, Carnivore diet, Banting diet. All these diets lower your blood sugar levels back to low and normal. They lower your insulin levels back to normal which gets rid of your hyperinsulinemia, gets rid of the blood sugar spikes and your skin tags just start to go away. 

You may not believe this at the beginning. Many new followers may think this is a scam. But it is not. You need to be patient and wait for the results. Your skin tags will definitely go away. Hence there may be a genetic component to this, there may be a viral component as well but your diet will fix it. 

Skin tags will not go away if you continue eating your crappy standard American diet or a high carbohydrate diet. They just keep getting bigger and you keep getting even bigger as more and more years go by. 

You can go to the doctor and go ahead and have the minor surgical procedure that just wacks them off basically. It is fine if you go and get that done, but until and unless you do not correct the underlying problem, the skin tags are just going to come back and bring back their friends.