Yoga- A Wonder For Grey Matter Of Brain

The practice yoga on a daily basis makes it hard to leave. This is because, yoga acts like a meditating way and gives post-session happiness, just not in the head. Research has stated that for those who conducted yoga on a regular basis the brains showed a considerable way, by changing the brain chemistry in a positive way.

This is known to be a good thing just like practicing the tai chi moves. Yoga can be used in the form of meditation and exercise to treat a range of health issues particularly the ones that are rooted in the brain and the ones related to memory.

Understanding Brain Changes With Yoga

Natural therapies that include yoga are not extremely costly and not required terms of funding compared to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For a person practicing yoga initially may find it difficult to continue, if he has a reckless mind. For those who are practicing yoga since ages, are able to see the compelling science emerging. 

The impact of yoga on the brain helps in treating pain tolerance, anxiety, depression and various factors that lead to a person changing the overall mood, even within seconds. 

GABA Unleashed With Yoga

No expensive pills or supplements but the natural remedy for anxiety is simply yoga. This is because yoga has the power to impact the brain’s GABA levels. 

  • GABA stands for Gamma-aminobutyric acid and referred to as the body’s chill out neurotransmitter. 
  • The GABA neurotransmitters are responsible for producing a calming effect just the same as drinking alcohol. 

But the only difference is yoga does not have harmful side effects and of course alcohols, calming effects are only temporary with anxiety rising once the buzz wears off. Yoga impacts the GABA production in the brain without anti-anxiety drugs that are designed to release them. 

  • You can easily get rid of the benzodiazepine drugs that lead to serial withdrawal symptoms. Y
  • Yoga is a better technique to treat seizures, insomnia and ironically more anxiety linked with withdrawal. 
  • Many people consider walking or running a considerable portion of the day may act as a defense mechanism against anxiety.
  • However, the truth is yoga unleashes more anxiety quelling GABA in the brain’s thalamus than walking does. 
  • A 60-minute yoga session can increase GABA levels by 27% more than walking. 

This is because yoga acts as a combination technique of movement, meditation and breathing and one of the best exercises to combat signs of depression.

Healthier Grey Matter In The Brain

Chronic pain on the brain can be reversed according to research, by simply practicing yoga. People who suffer from frequent episodes of anxiety and depression have reduced grey matter in the brain as a result of chronic pain. The cerebral cortex and subcortical areas of the brain contain the maximum grey matter. 

A decrease in grey matter leads to emotional problems, a decrease in cognitive abilities and also memory impairment. Meditation and yoga have the opposite effect on the brain suffering from chronic pain. 

People practicing yoga regularly have robust levels of grey matter in the areas involved with pain modulation. This has proven that yoga is the most effective remedy for certain types of depression, and one of the natural pain killers humans can count on. Pregnant women who rely on antidepressants during pregnancy can practice yoga to release signs of depression. 

Brain Tissues And White Matter

The human brain is made up of two types of tissues, grey matter, and white matter. A  normal human brain consists of 60% white matter and up to 40% grey matter. Both of these issues play an important role in the health, and cognitive ability of a person, however, these have different functionalities.

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Facts On Grey Matter & White Matter

  • The white matter extends from the brain cells and performs a job to connect different sections of the brain, just like internet connections in the world.
  •  This takes place by allowing the areas of the brain to send and receive signals with one another. 
  • As such a healthy white matter allows your brain to coordinate your thoughts with your movements.
  • Grey matter consists of brain cells and neurons. Although it is named grey the texture is actually pink in color. This is because an active grey matter has a constant supply of blood flowing through it. 
  • Once a person dies, the pink matter turns grey due to the high levels of neurons present in the grey matter. It is responsible for many brain functions including memory and learning skills.
  • To see it from the general perspective, both the white and the grey matter complement one another, allows the brain to coordinate with the rest of the body, and interpret the surrounding world. 
  • Damage or an injury in any of the area affect the cognitive abilities of the person.
  • Yoga when made a constant practice can help in controlling the mental activity, breathing and result in increased remastered density. 

This may activate the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex of the brain together, and you may have the following benefits. 

·         Decision making and better evaluation of consequences

·         Emotional impulse control

·         Making yourself in tune with the sensors

·         Self-awareness, and

·         Increased levels of concentration and focus

Brain Folds And Yoga

If you take a look at the photo of the human brain, you may notice the surface is made up of folds and wrinkles. It is these wrinkles that do not make the brain a pretty attractive organ however, its the primary organ responsible for a person's ability to think and act. 

These wrinkles of the brain are named gyrification in the scientific term. These wrinkles or folds of the brain are the areas that make up the brain cells. These are present to increase the surface of the brain, thereby increasing more brain cells that act towards the ability to make you cognitively stable.

The presence of brain fold is because it has to fit into the skull of a person. Because of the small size of the skull, the brain quizzes itself in there, almost the same as packing a small suitcase with clothes that take up more space than available. Once the clothes are folded properly, they make a good space to fit into the small box itself.

The holistic yoga approach consists of three main parts that cater to the spiritual, physical and mental well being of a person. These come in the form of meditation, poses or asanas, and breathwork which is the Pranayama. Meditation plays a large role because of its connectivity to the increased number of holes in your brain.

Yoga And Relaxation

Once you are practicing yoga with deep concentration, all sorts of chemicals that help you relax gets released and destress the body. It includes endorphin, oxytocin along with dopamine. 

Each function in their own way and helps the body to feel calm and relaxed position. These happy hormones namely dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin make you feel better about yourself, by reducing tension and relieve anxiety and stress. 

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