4 Must Try Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Who doesn’t like toned body ?? We all want it and we often try different things to get one. We try many different ways but yoga is the best and an effective way to get rid of love handles. Love handles are the excess fat that deposits on person’s waistline.

Utthita Trikonasana ( Extended triangle pose)

If you are struggling with love handles then utthita trikonasana is one of the best yoga poses to do on a daily basis to reg rid of them. It is one of those posture that provides benefits to the entire body and it has an ability to improve strength and stamina. It provides great stretch to the side waist and help in reducing the love handles. Side waist is the most neglected area of the body and if it is neglected for a longer duration it turns into love handles. Other than this, this pose is also beneficial to stimulate the abdominal organ and aids in digestion. It strengthens the muscles of back and neck and also improves the symptoms of osteoporosis, neck pain, stress, anxiety etc..

Steps to practice Utthita Trikonasana

       1. Stand straight with the feet wide apart, arms by your sides and ensure that your heels are aligned with each other.

       2. Turn your right foot in such a way that your toes are pointing the top of the mat.

       3. Inhale deeply and as you exhale, bend your body to the right keeping your waist straight.

       4. The left hand should come up in the air and right hand towards the floor.

       5. Keep your arms straight and make sure that your body is bent sideways and not backward or forward.

       6. Stretch as much as you can and hold the position for few seconds.

       7. Repeat the same on another side.

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Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting half spinal twist)

Practicing ardha matsyendrasana is said to be an efficient posture to burn body fat and especially the fat around the belly. It increases the flexibility of hips and spine and also aids digestion. Some other benefits of this posture include, it helps in stimulating the liver and kidney, provide relief from menstrual discomfort,  strengthens the spine and many other health benefits.

Steps to practice ardha matsyendrasana

      1. Sit straight with your legs extended out in front.

      2. Bend your left leg in such a way that the heels of the left foot lie next to the right hip.

      3. Take your right leg over the knees and place it next to the left knee.

      4. Now twist your neck, waist, shoulder towards the right and look in the same direction. Keep your spine erect.

      5. Hold the pose for some seconds and then slowly release the neck, waist, and shoulder.

      6. Sit in the straight position.

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide legged forward bend)

Prasarita padottanasana stretches and strengthens the side waist. Practicing this yoga posture daily helps in getting rid of love handles and maintain the toned body. It stretches and strengthens the entire body. Along with the physical benefit, it also provides psychological benefit. It is considered to be an effective pose to calm the mind and improving the symptoms of stress and depression. It relieves anxiety and headache as well.

Directions to practice prasarita padottanasana

       1. Stand in front of the mat and take your right foot backward in such a way that the body faces the long edge of the mat.

       2. Stretch your hands at shoulder height and right above the feet.

       3. Inhale, stretch your chest skyward and while exhaling bend forward till your fingertips touch the ground.

       4. Now, take your head to the ground and push the buttocks towards the ceiling.

       5. Try holding the pose with the fingers.

       6. Stay in that position for around 30 to 60 seconds and then return to an initial position.  

Vasisthasana (Side Plank)

There is no doubt in saying that vasisthasana is not an easy posture at all but if one manages to perform this posture correctly, it provides a lot of health benefits. Other than its benefit in toning body, it strengthens arms, wrist, and legs. It also improves concentration and works great for the memory.

Directions to practice vasisthasana

      1. Keep your hands on the ground in a such a way that you are about to do push-ups.

      2. Shift your weight to the right side of the body and swing your left arm and left foot on the right foot.

      3. Place your right hand ahead of the shoulder and ensure that your palm is pressed against the floor.

      4. Raise your left arm and take it perpendicular to the floor

      5. Hold this pose for few seconds and keep your eyes towards your left arm.

It is recommended to try yoga as it won’t disappoint you. It will not only help you get rid of love handles but will also improve the symptoms of many health problems and reduces the risk of developing any health problem. Share it with your friends and family to create awareness.


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